Is Marnie Clayton Found? Family And Parents Are Worried – What Happened?

Marnie Clayton has not been found, and her family and parents are worried about what happened to her.

Marnie has been missing since Sunday, January 16, and she was last seen leaving the Atik nightclub in Windsor on William Street around 2 am.

Her family reported her missing just before 3 am when she returned home. The family is deeply concerned about her safety.

Marnie is an 18-year-old white girl with brown hair and a slim body which is approximately 5ft 2ins to 5ft 4ins tall.

Police also released Marnie’s last photo, a selfie she took in a lift. She was wearing a grey dress the night she went missing.

Police officers are concerned about her safety, and they are appealing to the public to inform them if they see her somewhere.

They have also sent a direct appeal to Marnie to contact the family or the police to let them know about her safety.

Thames Valley Police has also shared the appeal on Twitter to find the missing teenager.

Twitter people are also sharing the missing news of Marnie and helping the information reach as many people as possible.

Where Is Marnie Clayton Now Today? Dead Or Alive?

Police are still searching for Marnie Clayton and don’t have any information on where she is now, and there’s no actual evidence about her being dead or alive today.

The police are still looking for the missing teenage girl and confirmed she had not been found yet. There is also no news on her being either alive or dead.

The new video came out where Marnie was seen laughing and dancing in the nightclub with her friends the night she went missing.

As per a witness, she was seen in an argument with a man outside the nightclub on the night she went missing.

The nightclub is also working with the police to help them find her.

The police have requested not to speculate about the case and share any information that could help them in the investigation.