Is Kyle Rittenhouse Hispanic? Find Out

Recent court records claim that Kyle Rittenhouse is Hispanic. Moreover, his police report also suggests the same.

Ever since the National Hispanic Media Coalition was appalled by his verdict, netizens have been curious about his ethnicity. Thanks to some Twitter users, we can confirm that he is Latin American.

Indeed, there has been a huge misunderstanding regarding Kyle’s origin. Some netizens believe that he is Caucasian-Hispanic (half-Hispanic) while some are not sure at all.

After his recent verdict was read, some Americans went crazy after he was proven not guilty. Reportedly, they claimed that he is a white guy and is walking away freely. 

Well, there have been protests all over the United States after the court hearing. Some netizens were shocked that people have started Hispanic white supremacy now.

The story of Rittenhouse dates back to August 23, 2020, when a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake. Before the Kenosha unrest, he supported the Blue Lives Matter movement. 

What Race Is Kyle Rittenhouse?

Kyle Rittenhouse’s race is considered Hispanic. This means that he is related to a Spanish-speaking nation.

Multiple reports claim that one of his grandparents was Hispanic. So, we can confirm that Kyle is a Hispanic-American.

After his recent trial, netizens claim that if he was an African-American, he would have been in prison today. Several theorists believe that Kyle was proven not guilty because of his race.

However, The Hill claims that his race has not been the center of his case. Instead, the media has simply made it a big issue.

Learn About Kyle Rittenhouse Nationality 

Kyle Rittenhouse is of American nationality. He hails from Antioch, Illinois.

Most probably, both his parents are from the United States. But, there are claims that his grandparents are Hispanic which means his ancestry is from a Spanish country.

Rittenhouse Name Origin Explained

Kyle Rittenhouse’s surname is unique. According to the House Of Names, its origin is Austria.

In the United States, Rittenhouse is considered to be the 5,434th most popular surname. As per the prediction, there are 4,974 people with this last name.