Is Kate London “The Tower” A True Story? Details On The Author And More

Is Kate London “The Tower” based on a true story or is it fictional? Tune in to find out.

Kate London is an author. A three-part series ‘The Tower’ is based on her first book ‘Post Mortem’. Likewise, some of her works include Death Message and Gallowstree Lane.

London bagged second place in Harper Bazaar’s 2019 short-story competition. Having written various books, she is regarded as one of the most talented authors in the United Kingdom. Similarly, Kate’s specializations are crime and suspense.

Following the release of ‘The Tower’, fans are curious about Kate. Let us learn about the author in detail.

Is Kate London “The Tower” A True Story?

‘The Tower’ is not a true story. However, it is based on Kate London’s book ‘Post Mortem.’ The story might be fictional, but it does reflect some of Kate’s real-life experiences. In fact, she previously worked as a detective constable for the Metropolitan Police.

London’s experiences have surely influenced her writing styles. She wants to give the readers and viewers an insight into policing. Similarly, she wants her audience to have an understanding of it, and she has explained the story in the best way possible.

Post Mortem, the book on which The Tower is based, is the first part of Kate’s Metropolitan series. The other books are titled ‘Death Message’ and ‘Gallowstree Lane.’ Just like the books, ‘The Tower’ is also a three-part series.

Moreover, the first episode premiered on November 9 and has been well received by the fans. Gemma Whelan plays the role of DS Sarah Collins while Tahirah Sharif portrays Lizzie Griffiths.

Author Kate London Wikipedia

Kate London is not on Wikipedia. However, her bio can be found on Goodreads.

After graduating from Cambridge University, she relocated to Paris and learned theatre. She joined the Metropolitan Police Service in 2006. Prior to moving to the CID, she worked in the response team for two years. Later, she also qualified as a detective constable.

London worked in the Metropolitan Police Service for nearly a decade. In fact, she resigned in August 2004.

Kate London Net Worth Revealed

Kate London has an estimated Net Worth of $500k. Her primary source of income is through her profession as a writer.

Details regarding her salary and earnings are currently a secret. As soon as the information becomes available, we will update you with it.