How To Get National Open University Course Materials

Getting the National Open University of Nigeria course materials is quite easy and will be explained in this post. The University which was first established in 1983 was suspended in 1984 before it was reopened in 2002. The University offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses in a wide number of courses under 6 different schools namely School of Science and Technology, School of Education, School of Law, School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Health Science and School of Management Sciences. They also have a Centre for Life-Long Learning and Workplace Training as well as Academic Certificate Programs.

There are no stringent entry requirements as you are basically required to have passed relevant subjects in WAEC or NECO. You could also enter with National Diploma. The University was basically built to allow people who are already working to be able to attend. Based on this, they have made their materials accessible online for their students. It is however possible for anybody to download their materials as you don’t have to log in, register or pay any fee before you can download the materials.

Steps To Getting National Open University Course Materials

1. The national open university course materials can be downloaded directly from

2. Once the page opens, you then search for the course name or course code you want to download.

There are over a thousand course materials there, so it might be a bit difficult and time consuming locating the material you want to download even though they are grouped by school, then by level.If you already have the course code or course name you want to download for however, you could use the browser search function by going to edit menu, find, or using Ctrl + F.

3. Then you type the course name, or course code. Note that if you are typing the course code, you first type the alphabets then space before the numbers. For instance if the course code you want to download material for is ‘EDU211’, on the search bar, you type ‘EDU 211’.

4. Then you click on the link and it would open or download. Note that all materials are in pdf format. If it opens and you want to save it on your system, then you can click on the file menu, select ‘save copy as’ and then select the folder you want to save it to and click save.

5. Alternatively you could make it download straight to your system by right-clicking on the link and selecting ‘save link as’, select the folder you want it to download to and click save.