Harrysong Advises Against Relying on Social Media for Dating Advice

Nigerian music sensation and instrumentalist, Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, has cautioned individuals against seeking dating advice on social media platforms. The award-winning artist conveyed his message through an Instagram story, urging people to be cautious about the origins of such advice.

In his candid statement, Harrysong emphasized that much of the dating advice circulating on social media is often generated by content creators who are primarily engaged in the hustle to generate content and sustain their online presence. The singer encouraged his followers to discern the source of the advice they consume online.

The musician’s post also posed a rhetorical question, questioning the logic of a married woman leaving her four-year marriage with two children because of infidelity, only to become the extramarital partner of another married man. Harrysong used this example to highlight the contradictions and questionable nature of some relationship decisions that individuals might encounter on social media platforms.

The artist’s advice underscores the importance of critically evaluating information and guidance found on social media, particularly in the context of personal relationships. He implies that relying solely on advice from content creators, who may not necessarily be relationship experts, might lead to misguided decisions.

Harrysong’s message resonates with the growing influence of social media in shaping perceptions and behaviors, including those related to dating and relationships. As individuals navigate the complexities of modern romance, the artist encourages a more discerning approach to the information and advice consumed online.