GTBank Salary Advance: See What They Offer

If you are a salary earner and you need to make use of some money urgently, GTBank Salary Advance will be the best to go for. They can offer you advancement in salary payment, but you must have a salary account with the bank in order to enjoy this.  They offer their customers that have

The bank offers their customers that have salary account with them a salary-based overdraft in which they allow you to withdraw more than your salary or also take extra money after you have withdrawn your salary from the salary account.

The extra money you have withdrawn will then be deducted from your salary when it is being paid by the following month. With this salary advancement staff of companies and organizations can easily have funds to meet very urgent financial needs. The program is not only open to members of staff of government organizations; members of staff of private organizations too can enjoy it without any limitation whatsoever.

Via GTBank Salary Advance, you will be given access to 50% extra of your salary.  If your salary is N10,000, for example, they  will allow you to withdraw maximum of N15,000 in total for one month.  The facility is a temporary overdraft and it is disbursed on monthly basis.

The beautiful thing about it is that you can pay back in 365 days.  It is only open to individual who are in paid employment and as hinted earlier, your salary must be domiciled in the bank. The interest rate too is highly competitive and many customers, who had been benefiting from it claimed it is a good program.