GTBank BVN: How to Link Your Registered BVN to Your GTBank Account Online

Millions of Bank Account Holders that have defaulted in linking up their BVN with their Bank Accounts have been restricted from making one transaction or the other as a result of this. Customers of the various Banks were not properly informed or educated that the BVN obtained from one bank would be needed to be taken to other banks that individual has an account with.

GTBank Account holders are not excluded from the BVN Issue as well and due to this the bank has come up with a smart way of linking your GTBank account with your BVN online.

BVN Registration is very easy and would only take a maximum of 5minutes to complete in any bank branch and so for those who already have a BVN with one of the other Banks, you can follow the steps below to easily link your BVN with your GTBank account online.

GTBank BVN Linking Online Steps:

1. Walk down to any ATM, insert your GTBank ATM Card and type in your PIN

2. Select the option that displays “BVN Linking”

3. Enter the BVN (the BVN is 11 Digits) you were given by your other Bank and select “Proceed” option

4. A confirmation page would be displayed with the BVN to ensure you typed in the correct Number.

5. Select the “Proceed” option.

6. Type in your ATM PIN once more to validate and select the “Submit” option.

Once you have completed the steps explained above, your BVN would have been linked to your GTBank successfully.