Graphic: Child Killed By Family Dog, St Helens Baby Girl Was 17 Months Old

A baby girl from St Helens was killed by her own family dog on Monday, March 21, 2022.

A baby girl was mauled to death by a dog at her home on Monday, March 21, 2022. She was taken to the hospital emergency but died from her injuries.

St Helens Dog Attack: Child Killed By A Family Dog At Home

After her family dog attacked her at her house, the infant girl from St Helens died of terrible injuries.

Emergency services had attended the resident in the Blackbrook area of St Helens at around 3.50 pm. Unfortunately, the toddler could not survive.

After the incident, the dog was handed over to the police and has been destroyed, reports the Daily Mail.

The dog is currently being investigated by police to see if it was an unlawful breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

The officers have been carrying out a serious investigation at the scene by examining the CCTV footage. Details from the enquires are yet to be released.

The Baby Girl Who Died From The Dog Attack Was 17 Months Old

The baby girl from St Helens who died sustaining injuries was still an infant. She was only 17 years old.

Her neighbors have described her as a “beautiful little girl”.

Joanne Matthews, 53, has said: ‘She was such a beautiful little girl, toddling about. I’d see the family in passing, just to say hello, and they were always very pleasant.’’

Another neighbor said she got home from the shops at about 4.30pm, when the area was busy with police.

She said: “It is usually very quiet here and safe for children, but when you hear something like this has happened it is so distressing.”

Parents From St Helens Are Mourning The Death Of Their Toddler

The baby girl’s parents are absolutely devasted following the unfortunate demise of their child.

The grieving mother was seen on the field at the front of the house crying. Meanwhile, details about them have not been revealed.