Gonzalo Moratorio Wikipedia Biografia Edad And Family Origin

Gonzalo Moratorio Wikipedia: Gonzalo Moratorio is one of the ten most outstanding personalities for scientific advancement. Let’s learn more.

Nature, one of the world’s most prominent scientific periodicals, named researcher Gonzalo Moratorio to its annual list of the ten most outstanding people for advancing science in the previous year.

Moratorio is the only Latin American on the list, including other researchers, researchers, and individuals in the political or health fields who have expanded their knowledge on critical subjects.

Gonzalo Moratorio and his colleague Pilar Moreno spoke with the Udelar Portal about this honor and their job.

Moratorio spoke with BBC Mundo about what motivated him to pursue a research career, how diagnostic tests were created, and the pandemic’s most important lessons.

At the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo in February 2020, Moratorio was in command of his lab for the first time after moving back to Uruguay following several years spent conducting research abroad.

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Gonzalo Moratorio Wikipedia And Age

The official wikipedia page of the scientist Gonzalo Moratorio is not available. He seems to be in his 30s, based on his photos.

Moratorio holds a Bachelor of Biological Sciences from the Udelar Faculty of Sciences.

He completed a postdoctoral position at the Laboratory of Population Dynamics of Viruses and Pathogenesis of the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 2018. He earned a master’s degree in biological sciences from PEDECIBA.

Moratorio characterized the group as “heterogeneous and that takes care of the genre” and emphasized his collaborative work with Pilar Moreno, stating that the experience “has been very gratifying.”

The researcher directs the Virus Experimental Evolution Laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Montevideo and teaches virology at the University of the Republic’s Faculty of Sciences in Udelar.

The researcher dubbed a “coronavirus hunter” by Nature, not only made it possible for Uruguay to have its diagnostic procedures soon but also for them to be carried out by an extensive network of laboratories nationwide.

Gonzalo Moratorio Family And Origin

The information regarding Gonzalo Moratorio’s parents is not known. He has kept his family background out of the media.

Gonzalo grew up and spent his childhood in Spain. He belongs to the Spanish ethnicity. He holds Spanish nationality.

Since he was a little boy, Moratorio has an interest in biology. I have always enjoyed conducting tests and doing research, he remarked.

But he insists that two events significantly influenced his decision to pursue his interest in virus genetics.

Moratorio earned his degree from the University of the Republic’s Faculty of Sciences, continued his education there, and then left Uruguay to pursue studies abroad.

First in Brazil and then in California and Paris, where he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institut Pasteur between 2012 and 2018.

At the University of California, San Francisco, Moratorio worked in the Argentine virologist Ral Andino’s lab.

Then in Marco Vignuzzi’s virology lab, “who was my boss in Paris and had been Ral Andino’s postdoc.” He could have continued his career abroad but chose to come home.

Many Uruguayans nowadays are familiar with Gonzalo Moratorio. Even when you engage in some activities outside of research, they applaud you for your commitment to containing the pandemic.

The scientist plays surfing and manages the Arquitectura Juniors soccer team in his nation’s University League.

Even occasionally, when he dines in a restaurant with lab associates, a patron will present them with a beer. They are modest but significant thanks to the work of people who devote their lives to science.

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