Gil Carrillo Night Stalker Wikipedia, Wife And Family: Where Is He Now?

Gill Carrillo is a retired police officer. He was the patrol officer of the Los Angeles Police Department in 1971 and served the department for 38 years until his retirement in October 2009. During his time with LAPD, Gill has investigation 700 to 800 murders and was also promoted to Lieutenant of the LA County Sheriff’s Homicide Breau department.

Upon retirement. the brave policeman has held lectures on his work with the young aspiring police officer and their families. He has also traveled the world along with his dear wife; Pearl. Netflix‘s TV show; Night Stalker: The Hunt for the Serial Killer also centralized around Gill and his partner; Frank Salerno investigating the case of the famous serial killer; Richard Ramirez. 

Quick Facts: Gil Carrillo Night Stalker Wikipedia, Wife And Family: Where Is He Now?

Name Gil Carrillo
Age 68
Gender Male
Profession Detective; Police officer
Married/Single Married
Wife Pearl
Children 3

10 Facts on Gil Carrillo

  1. Gil Carrilo is recognized for being the first-ever Latino patrol officer for LAPD in 1971.
  2. Gil Carrilo does not have an official Wikipedia made in his name. However,  there are several sites that also include us that have covered his bio.
  3. He was born in Pico Rivera, California. Carrilo is of American nationality by the virtue of his birth.
  4. Gil Carrillo has not opened about his family details.
  5. However, the famous detective officer; Gil Carrillo is married to his wife; Pearl with whom he has three children. Their names are JR (son) and Rene and Tiffany (Daughter).
  6. In 1985; Gil’s wife Pearl and their three children left their home after the serial killer named; Night Stalker(Richard Ramirez) assault happened near their home.
  7. It was only when Richard’s case had been finally solved, Pearl returned back to her home.
  8. From his successful career at the LAPD, he has earned both name and fame. However; Gil Carrillo’s net worth has not been disclosed as of yet.
  9. Netflix‘s Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer was officially released on 13 January 2021.
  10. Gil Carrillo has also served at the US Army and drafted into the Army when he was in his teens.