Football: What Happened To Gary Haynes? Is He In Jail? Arrested Charges And More

What happened to Gary Haynes? Know the present whereabouts of a once bright footballing prospect who lost his way and found himself deep in the world of crime and prostitution.

A young football prospect from a high school in Texas, Gary Haynes is a former footballer who exploded to fame overnight.

The online community got the taste of his talent after his self-made vine video about his athletic abilities went viral on the internet. The seconds-long video that brought millions of views showed Haynes throwing a football, running like a flash for 40 yards, and catching the pass he threw himself.

Although people thought the video was fake at first, the public knew about its authenticity after he did the same thing with his high school football coach by his side. Soon after, the clip flooded the web as the media portals kept praising him and covering his story.

Eventually, he attended the Good Morning America show, where his childhood hero Deion Sanders accompanied him on the interview and praised him for his abilities. Sanders said some praiseworthy things about Gary and highlighted how the youngster had the prospect of rising to the top.

He later joined Division I side Louisiana, and things were going well initially, but everything he worked for came crashing after he lost his way and wandered elsewhere.

Football: What Happened To Gary Haynes? Arrested?

After a good start in Division I, Gary Haynes returned to Texas and got involved in criminal activity, including prostitution and trafficking.

Problems began at the University of Louisiana a year after he joined the team. Although he had a brilliant first year at the institution, the news about the coach suspending him and how the player was hampering the environment broke out in 2016.

Soon after, Haynes returned to Texas but never played football at the University. He met a local rapper and convicted felon, Jaimian Rashaad Sims, who introduced the athlete to the word of trafficking and prostitution, reports League Of Justice. As they grew closer, Sims taught Gary about the illegal business and made him a co-conspirator in a prostitution ring.

As an operator of the ring, Haynes reportedly got involved in the illegal business and operated several acts of selling women for money.

Is Gary Haynes In Jail Now?

Yes, the former football prospect Gary Haynes is in jail now after the court sentenced him to imprisonment for his involvement in women trafficking.

The police got wind of his activities after one victim contacted her family, pleading for help, who later contacted the police. Following details, the authorities accused Haynes of moving a 17-year-old girl into forced prostitution. She was adamant about moving on as a stripper and wanted to work in a club.

However, the lady told a different story, which revolved around her belief that Gary was dating and helping her get a strip club job. They had close relations before Gary moved her into a mansion with other women and forced her to have sexual relations with other men without giving her the money.

Sometime after the officers knew the place, they raided the mansion and arrested Haynes and other convicts. Upon the court trial, the former footballer got an imprisonment sentence.

Gary is now inside a prison with medium security in Forrest City, Arkansas. As reported by the League of Justice, his release date is March 2024.

Gary Haynes Arrest Charges

Gary Haynes was arrested for charges of sex trafficking and compelling prostitution.

Following the charges relating to forced sexual business, the man pleaded guilty to a conspiracy of human trafficking involving minors which got him the minimum imprisonment of five years.