Does Sarah Moulds Have A Husband? Primary Teacher Is Accused of Kicking A Horse

Who are Sarah Moulds and her husband? Let us get to know more about the primary teacher and her lifestyle.

Sarah Molds, an elementary school teacher, is accused of kicking and hitting a horse in a viral video filmed by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs, according to Mail Online.

Does Sarah Moulds Have A Husband?

Sarah Moulds has been silent on the subject of her husband.

Given her passion for horses, we might assume that her spouse shares her passion. She is known to be a horse enthusiast who has always enjoyed horseback riding.

Because the elementary school teacher’s bad behavior with the horses has become a heated subject, she has kept her husband and family out of the spotlight. She has stated that she is a private person who wishes to keep her personal information secret.

Due to the pressure from the public and the media, she is anticipated to share her information shortly.

Watch Sarah Moulds Video On Facebook: Primary Teacher Accused Of Kicking A Horse

Sarah has been accused of kicking and hitting a horse in a viral video that went popular on social media last weekend, according to Mail Online.

According to Mail Online, the video was shot by anti-hunting organization Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs and shows a horse trotting away from a trailer before the teacher seems to smack and kick the horse.

The event occurred during the Cottesmore Hunt, located near Rutley, East Midlands.

The RSPCA, an animal protection organization, is presently investigating the incident and has left a note at Sarah’s residence requesting that she contact them as soon as possible.

In response to naturalist and presenter Chris Packham, the organization stated on Twitter that it is very disturbing, that they are actively looking into this at the moment, and that members of the public with firsthand information are encouraged to contact them as well.

Who Is Sarah Moulds?

Sarah Moulds is a Leicestershire-based primary school teacher.

She is the director of Knossington & Somerby Pre-School and teaches at Somerby Primary School.

The mother of two is believed to have volunteered at a local pony club and worked as a team organizer. Sarah is on leave, according to Mail Online, following the viral video’s appearance on social media.

According to a statement released by the Mowbray Education Trust, a member of staff has been suspended until the completion of a formal inquiry into an incident that happened over the weekend. While the inquiry is ongoing, the trust stated that it will not make any additional statements.