Does Jennie Kim have a father? Why doesn’t Jennie talk about her dad?

Since their debut in 2016, the well-known South Korean girl group Blackpink has served as the face of the country’s pop music scene.

There have recently been reports that Jennie Kim, the group’s leader, has been abused by her father. The claims have generated a tremendous deal of debate since so many of Jennie’s supporters are outraged and worried for her welfare.

Despite the fact that neither Jennie nor her father has commented publicly on the issue, many have hypothesized that the reality may be considerably more complicated than what is being shown.

Yang Hyun Suk, a Korean entertainment executive, is Blackpink’s father. YG Entertainment, the company to which Blackpink is affiliated, was founded by him.

Does Jennie Kim have a father?

Yes, however, she rarely talks about them.

Why doesn’t Jennie talk about her dad?

She has consistently expressed to Blinks her want for solitude and her desire for no one to enter her personal area.