Corey Benjamin Daughter Name Exposed – Did Her Mom Aspire The Assault? Details To Know

Corey Benjamin’s daughter has been swarmed with hate comments on Twitter after she attacked her opponent in the middle of a basketball game. Learn more about it.

Recently, a video of his daughter participating in a young league went viral when she assaulted and clotheslined an opponent, Lauryn Ham, during a game after she missed her three-point field goal while accidentally clashing with two players, one of whom was Lauryn.

People are enraged at the actions committed by their daughters and aren’t holding back their emotions on the internet.

Corey Benjamin Daughter Name Exposed

Cori Benjamin is the daughter who was involved in the recent assault incident during the basketball match.

Cori showed a strong interest in basketball and had a high level of talent at the ages of 12 and 11, respectively. Her ambition is to become the NBA’s first female player.

Cori and her sister’s legacy are known as the Benjamin Ballers because their physicality and shooting range helped them succeed on the AAU circuit. They are the daughters of Corey Benjamin, a former NBA player.

They have almost 5,000 Instagram followers, and their multiple highlight reels have thousands of views.

Cori and Legacy Benjamin started out on boys’ teams. They started playing on females’ teams in their organization a year ago, allowing the female players to get to know them.

Cori and Legacy have both received MVP accolades in a variety of tournaments and showcases, including the Elite Basketball Circuit, Above the Rim Classic, and Ball is Life Junior All American Camp.

Did Her Mom Aspire the Assault?

People are accusing Cori’s mother of encouraging her to attempt to attack her opponent.

They suspected it as Cori pushed the opponent in the direction where her mother was sitting.

Also, given the family’s past history with assault, some think her mother could’ve fueled her to hit the opponent.

According to a Monroe Police Department arrest document, Corey Benjamin was arrested in 2016 on a charge of cruelty to a child.

A nearby elementary school told investigators that a 7-year-old child had arrived at the school with injuries. She informed authorities that her father slapped her multiple times with a black belt after she accidentally spilled juice on his Xbox.

According to authorities, officers discovered the girl with injuries caused by a belt. According to the police report, the girl had marks on her cheek, neck, and arm.

According to detectives, Benjamin confirmed to authorities that he slapped the girl in the back and accidentally on the neck, but he denied hitting her in the face.