Chef Pip Lacey and Partner Gemma Bacon Are Married For Six Years

Pip Lacey partner Gemma Bacon is the events director at Social Pantry. Gemma started her position in the company in May 2021.

The London-based head chef worked as a graphic designer before finding a passion for food. She moved to London at the age of 19 to follow her dream.

Most of her food is inspired by Wimbledon with the menu referencing the lousy weather of Britain and the Men’s Singles Trophy held there.

Lacey is a famous TV chef having appeared in many shoes such as Great British menu which she won in 2017.

Pip and her girlfriend also appeared on the Million Pound Drop but didn’t win anything.

Recently she opened the first restaurant, which has a wood-fire dining experience in central London called Hicce.

She launched the restaurant with business partner Gordon Mclntyre, who previously worked together in different pop-up events.

Pip Lacey Partner Gemma Once Served The Royal Family

Pip Lacey and partner Gemma Bacon got married on April 7, 2016. They recently celebrated their sixth anniversary.

She is a stylish catering specialist in events & contract catering with her clients across London, including two south London cafes.

She has also worked for rhubarb food as a head planner for over a decade.

Pip Lacey wife Gemma Bacon has had the honor of serving royalty on several occasions over her career, including the 2000 Buckingham Palace.

The event was hosted by HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

She has experience producing high-end events at a large scale in some of London’s top locations, such as the Natural History Museum and The Royal Albert Hall. She has worked on events for celebrities like Elton John.

Bacon being an event planner, has met a lot of people who are chefs or own a restaurant.

She met her love while working in the same field and having a similar career path they both understand each other’s choices and support them.

Pip Lacey And Gemma Bacon Relationship

Pip Lacey and Gemma Bacon have been married since April 2016. The couple loves spending time together and going on vacation every now and then.

She once shared a picture on Instagram while they were on a day trip to Whitstable.

Gemma also enjoys delicious food and company with her lover Pip and a mutual friend at Cafe Murano in 2015. Her picture from that night made it to her Twitter.

Lacey’s Instagram is filled with pictures of the couple as they have enjoyed every second of their time together.

In April 2020, Pip tweeted that she let her spouse cut her hair. One Twitter user asked about her experience; she replied that it went better than expected and was happy to go with it.

Her Professional Food Journey

Pip Lacey may not have followed the conventional career path to becoming a chef, but she has nonetheless risen to the top of the restaurant industry.

She has collaborated with some of the most renowned chefs in the nation thanks to her passion for food and determination.

Even though Lacey loved to eat and cook when she was younger, she initially had her sights set on jobs outside the kitchen.

She spent a few years trying to break into the snowboarding industry before relocating to London and launching a graphic design company using the knowledge she had gained from an earlier art foundation school.

Lacey was invited by Hartnett to work in the kitchen of her Italian restaurant Murano after a brief spell cooking at the three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

In barely three years, Lacey became Murano’s head chef.

Despite having risen quickly through the ranks in the industry, Lacey still had higher goals in mind and resolved that she wanted to open her restaurant.

She launched several prosperous pop-up restaurants with her longtime friend Gordy McIntyre where she could prepare her menu.

Finally, to much praise, Lacey and Mcintyre opened Hicce in King’s Cross Coal Drops Yard in 2018.

Most of the dishes in Hicce’s contemporary British cuisine are prepared using a wood-fired oven.

Lacey entered BBC’s Great British Menu twice while setting up Hicce, and in 2017 she successfully made it with her starter to the banquet honoring 140 years of Wimbledon.