Cassie Children: Meet Frankie Stone Fine and Sunny Cinco Fine.

Cassie Ventura, the talented American singer, songwriter, model, actress, and dancer, has not only graced the stage with her artistic prowess but has also embraced the transformative role of motherhood.

Alongside her husband, Alex Fine, Cassie has become the proud parent of two beautiful daughters, marking a significant and joyous chapter in her life.

The couple’s journey into parenthood began on December 6, 2019, when they welcomed their first daughter into the world. This precious addition to the family was a moment of profound joy for Cassie and Alex, marking the beginning of a new and cherished phase in their lives.

Building on the happiness of their firstborn, the couple shared more exciting news in December 2020—they were expecting their second child. Anticipation and joy filled their hearts as they prepared to expand their family once again.

On March 22, 2021, the Fine family celebrated the arrival of their second daughter Sunny Cinco Fine. Cassie and Alex Fine’s commitment to sharing their family milestones with the public reflects a genuine connection with their supporters.