Camila Giorgi Net Worth

An International Italian tennis player, Camila Giorgi’s net worth, has created a fuss in the media, and fans are peculiar to know about the data.

Camila is a professional tennis player who reached the career-high ranking of 26th back in October 2018. The tennis star made her Grand Slam and main-draw debut at the 2011 Wimbledon Championships.

Presently, she is featured in the French Open and has shown top-caliber performance. She managed to win the first three rounds of the competition but was defeated in the straight sets in the fourth round.

She has been performing at the top level for quite some time, and one of the most FAQs is her net worth. Let’s find out the detail.

Camila Giorgi’s Net Worth Is Rising Above 1.6 Million Dollars

According to abtc, the 30-year-old professional Camila Giorgi’s net worth is estimated at 4 million US dollars.

The athlete earns her livelihood by being a professional tennis player. She turned professional in 2006, and all her life, she has been training under the coach cum father, Sergio Giorgi.

Camila always showed true character on the tennis court. However, she received the biggest compliment from 1974 French Open champion Adriano Panatta.

He mentioned that “It’s the first time that he played against a girl who plays like Andre Agassi.” Camila was just five years old at the time.

No wonder she is one of the brand names for tennis with her expertise and experience over the years.

Camila Giorgi Salary And Career Earnings

The player has not revealed the exact salary of Camila Giorgi, and she wants to keep it a secret.

The tennis player earns a designated salary while participating at the international level. However, her appearance in the Grand Slam is covered by her sponsorship deals and tournament organizer.

Her salary is expected to grow if she manages to promote more rounds of the tournament. On top of that, a tournament win is one of the aspects of earning for the athlete.

The average salary of a tennis player is estimated at 113K dollars annually. She is believed to earn around six-digit marks with different endorsement deals.

Camila Giorgi Recent Endorsement Projects

Camila Giorgi has signed endorsement projects with different athletic brands. Giorgi wears her designs on the courts, and her athletic attire is not featured with any logos.

The tennis player and her mom started a business together and thus officially launched a tennis line. The merchandise can be found in different online or retail stores.