Business Ideas in Nigeria with Low Capital

At least eight in ten persons will tell you the reason they haven’t started a business is because they do not have enough capital for the business. What if I tell you, you don’t need millions to begin some profitable business ideas. And I’m not talking about N10 and N20 profit businesses. The following business ideas in Nigeria with low capital will certainly fetch you a handsome return on investment (ROI).


Fashion Design

I can bet you have one or two attires that have been custom made for you. From native designs to suits. If you’re gifted in tailoring, this is a lucrative business you can be sure will bring lots of profits.

Apart from celebrity wears and trends, there is also a large market for specialized uniforms. Schools, security agencies, even some businesses need uniforms. Get one of them to sign a contract with you and before long you’ll be employing people to work for you to meet up deadline for large orders.

Capital: More or less N50,000



I once had a former neighbour who bought a car from knitting sweaters and cardigans. Each school has specialized sweaters and cardigans that their pupils and students must wear, anything other than that is usually confiscated. I’ve even seen men and women in the force wearing customized sweaters, so what stops one from learning the skill and going into the business?

Capital: More or less N50,000


Football Viewing and Game Centers

Men love their football and games. Set up a comfortable place for them to come watch featured matches and catch some fun and you’ll have waiting lines. Get the latest game software and console. Most football viewing and game centers also combine betting with their business. If you can manage it, football, gaming and betting is very lucrative.

Capital: N50,000


Bag Making

Have you noticed the latest trend now? Hand made bags. It is used as souvenir at weddings, birthdays, burials, thanksgiving and all kinds of celebrations. Though many may not use it as their main bags, all use it for carrying lunch packs or going on casual outings.

Capital: More or less N50,000

Caregiver (Children and Elderly)

You could call this advance baby sitting. Everyone is looking for money, so they will be glad to have someone to look after their little children and elderly parents while they are away. You can go to the houses of those who need your services, but that will be one customer at a time. You won’t need any capital for this. Another way to do this business is to have a day care at home. People come to drop their children or elderly with you on their way to work and pick them up on their way back. You will need low capital to start this.

Capital: More or less N30,000


Professional Cleaning Services

Imagine a working class mom of three toddlers. She’s up by 4:30am to prepare breakfast and ready the family. Returns home by 7:30pm. This is her schedule five days in a week. And the much anticipated Saturday comes, alas, housecleaning! I can bet she would happily hire someone to come do it. Professional cleaning services can be used at homes, offices, churches, mosques, warehouses, practically all buildings. You may not have to personally handle these jobs, you can hire a team of cleaners to work for you, while you focus on getting clients.

Capital: More or less N10,000


Hobby Teaching

Every parent wants their child to be famous for something, could be in sports, music or games. If you’re skilled in any of these, you could organize weekend classes and make money. Some even take it higher and form academy for their niche. You probably won’t need any capital as you would already have the instruments needed.

Capital:  N10,000



No time for laundry + must look good = hire a drycleaner! You can start this business even in your backyard. As your client base grows, you can then get a washing machine.

Capital: More or less N30,000


Life Stock Rearing

Even if you don’t eat meat, you probably take fish. It’s possible you take neither, but you’ll likely take eggs. The livestock business is a very profitable one with unlimited opportunities which will soon be further expanded by the time the recent bill banning imported frozen products is passed. You can start any of the following:

  • Catfish
  • Tilapia fish
  • Poultry
  • Snail
  • Rabbit
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Ram
  • Pig
  • Grasscutter
  • Cattle
  • Quail
  • Periwinkle
  • Crayfish

Capital: More or less N50,000


Foodstuff Farming

I still remember those days we didn’t have to spend more than N150 (for grinding the cassava) before getting almost two bags of garri. Now, I shake my head at the thousands we spend just for half a bag.

Is there a family land somewhere that no one is using? You could start a small scale farm there. The list of foodstuffs to grow is a long one. Here are the most popular you can manage with low capital.

  • Cassava: garri, fufu, tapioca
  • Yam
  • Three-leaf yam
  • Cocoyam
  • Tomatoes
  • Pepper
  • Ugwu
  • Sugarcane
  • Pumpkin
  • Okra
  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Greenleaf
  • Plantain
  • Banana

Capital: More or less N15,000


Jewelries and Accessories

Who doesn’t want to look good? Most especially the female folks. You could make 100% profits from sales. Just buy the latest trend in bulk, carry around in a little bag and that’s it! There are different materials and metals to deal in. From wood to plastic, silver to gold and diamond. So you can deal in chains, bracelets, broaches, wristwatches of Zegarki Damskie type, chokers, bangles, earrings, etc, but you get the idea.

You could also cash in on the latest trend in preference for customized beads. People spend a small fortune getting customized + matching beads for each occasion. In less than a month, one could learn bead making and in less than a day, you could finish making a set.

Capital: More or less N20,000



There is no limit to things one can offer consultancy services on. From real estate to medical, relationship to politics. Consultancy business thrives heavily on smart networking, marketing, goodwill and knowing the right people.

Just identify an area you know people are looking for specialized services and position yourself to be able to offer them. A very popular area is real estate consultancy. You have to have your ears to the ground, stay on top of happenings so you can make great commissions from the sales.

Capital: 10,000


Catering and Confectioneries

To succeed in this venture you need to be skilled in baking, cooking and creative packaging. All you need is interest, you can always learn the skills. You don’t need to open a five star restaurant first before you make it big in catering and confectioneries. The last time I checked people still eat when they are hungry. You can expect to cater to working class, most especially bachelors. Even those who might take their breakfasts at home would still need lunch.

Capital: More or less N35,000


Make-Up Artist and Sale of Cosmetics

What?! That was my response when a friend told me the cost of make-up services for her introduction. And yes, every Friday and Saturday and even during the week, someone pays that amount just to look perfect for their special outing or event. People who offer these services also offer pedicure and manicure. It doesn’t take rocket science to learn to become a make-up artist, all you need is interest and a creative mind.

Capital: More or less N15,000



Natural Hair Care Expert

Natural hair is now in vogue. Caring for natural hair is however much more complicated than non-natural. In fact natural hair care products are much more expensive than other hair care products, and most of these products can be made in your kitchen and sold to those who don’t have the time to make theirs. You could also deal in the ones you can’t produce, offer personal delivery and you’ll have loyal clients.


Many do not know how to care for or style their natural hair, you can host paid trainings or even one on one trainings.

Capital: More or less N20,000


Hairdressing/ Barbing Saloon

All the above is also true for those not maintaining natural hair. If you’re good at making creative protective hair styles, you can set up a saloon right in front of your house. Apart from men, there are several women who also maintain a low cut. And these days a single hair-cut is not small money. Imagine having not less than 25 customers per day, that’s big money there from just one clipper.

Capital: More or less N45,000



The last time I went for a photoshoot of just about four poses, I spent not less than N5000! Imagine if I was a photographer having at least 20 clients per day, that’s something. The key to succeeding in the photography business is standing out from the crowd. When your clients know they can always expect unique new styles from you, they’ll keep coming for pictures to flaunt on their social medias.

Capital: More or less N40,000


Rental Services

All those chairs you see at weddings, where did you think they came from? From the houses of the bride and groom? Your guess is as good as mine: they were rented. There is almost nothing that cannot be rented. I once read the story of a lady who rented all of Apple’s products because she had no money to get them. However, you would want to rent something you know you can easily recover. Examples of things you can rent include cars, construction and building materials, chairs, tables, industrial cooking materials, halls, etc.

Capital: More or Less N50,000


Event Planning and Interior Design

If you’ve ever organized an event before, even something as simple as a birthday party, you would know a lot goes into planning for an event. How much more a bigger and even more emotional event like wedding, burial, etc? You can be the one who saves people’s sanity by asking them to outsource their event planning and logistics to you, not for free of course. One can start this kind of business by simply bringing together all stakeholders for the event: caterers, ushers, decorations, etc. Then as your business grows, you can offer those services yourself as a subsidiary of your business.

Capital: More or less N50,000



Yes, there’s a reason I kept this last. This is the new sole-proprietorship mode of doing business. There are many services one can freelance, from the popular content writing to web design, digital marketing and virtual assistant.

The key to success in freelancing is having a skill and constantly developing that skill. So if you want to go into freelancing, go learn a skill first. There are lots of free resources online that can teach you skills from novice to pro. Create time to learn these skills and then start selling!

Tell everyone on your contact and social media that you now offer these services, you’ll be surprised at the number of requests you’ll later receive.

Capital: More or less N5,000



Starting any of these ideas does not guarantee automatic success. The Holy book says ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’. Take time to learn all that you must know before embarking on any of these businesses. Interact with those already involved in the business. Be focused, be determined and the rays of success will surely shine on you.


Branding of your product and services also matters. Recently I saw a banner advertising kuli-kuli thus: “Hot Kully…Groundnut Cookies”, now tell me, wouldn’t you want to get such cookies? Branding matters!


Start small, aim big.

Now, get to work making some cool cash.

You’ve got no excuse! Not harmattan recession nor economic recession.



Are there more I failed to mention? Please add them in the comments below!