Arrested: Who Is “The Beatles” ISIS Member Aine Davis?

Aine Davis, a resident of west London, flew into Luton airport following his release from a prison in Turkey, where he had been serving a seven and a half-year sentence for membership in a terrorist group. Davis was convicted of being a member of the terrorist group.

During the course of his trial, Davis denied that he was a member of the group that was referred to as the Beatles because the members all had British accents.

Who Is Aine Davis? The Beatles ISIS Arrested

Aina Davis was taken into custody by officers, as reported by

He was arrested by the Counter Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police and sent to a police station in South London.

He was taken into custody because he was thought to have broken the Terrorism Act of 2000 by asking for money and having things that could be used for terrorist purposes.

It is believed that the ‘Beatles’ cell consisted of four members, all of whom are said to have grown up in west London. These individuals went to fight for IS in Syria and ended up guarding Western hostages.

Due to the fact that they spoke with an English accent, the hostages gave them the nickname “the Beatles,” after the band from Liverpool.

US officials have stated that the gang was responsible for the deaths of all 27 captives, including the beheading of several of them. Outrage was caused all around the world when videos of the murders were widely distributed.

How old is Aine Davis?

As of the year 2022, reports indicate that Aine Davis has reached the age of 38.

After he became a Muslim, he changed his name to Hamza and met Mohammed Emwazi, who is also known as “Jihadi John” because of how the media portrays him.

Both individuals were members of a collective that radicalized Muslims residing in London. In 2013, Davis emigrated from the UK to join the Islamic State.

Davis was arrested near Istanbul in 2015. In 2017, a Turkish court found him guilty of being a high-ranking member of a terrorist group and sentenced him to prison.

Before becoming radicalized, Davis had a criminal record that included many drug-related convictions and a prison sentence in 2006 for unlawful possession of a handgun.

He stated that a photograph that showed him posing with armed fighters dated back to 2013, and that he had taken the photograph as a joke while he was in Idlib. He said he didn’t know who the people in the picture were who were fighting.

Aine Davis Wife Amal el-Wahabi

Aine Davis is married to Amal el-Wahabi.

In 2014, Amal el-Wahabi, Davis’s wife, was found guilty of sponsoring terrorism after she attempted to use a friend in order to smuggle 20,000 euros to Davis. This action resulted in her being convicted of this offense.

The prosecution presented evidence in the form of text messages sent between el-Wahabi and Davis that were stored on el-Wahabi’s phone. These messages were used to prove that el-Wahabi should have known that Davis was doing militant work.

The prosecution said that el-Wahabi orchestrated the cash transfer to preserve Davis’s devotion because he had talked about adopting a second wife. They used the text conversations that the pair exchanged on their mobile phones as evidence.