Andra Day Parents: Meet Delia and Joseph Batie

Andra Day, the acclaimed American R&B and soul singer, has risen to prominence with her powerful voice and soul-stirring performances.

Behind the spotlight, she carries a rich musical heritage embedded in the fabric of her family, particularly her parents, Delia and Joseph Batie.

Born Cassandra Monique Batie, she hails from Southern California, growing up in the vibrant surroundings of southeast San Diego. She is the middle child in the Batie family, known for her quick wit and unmistakable green eyes that reflect both talent and determination.

Musical prowess appears to be a family affair for the Baties, although the confirmation of this fact might be best experienced within the sacred walls of the First United Methodist Church in Chula Vista.

This church holds significance for the family, being the place where they worshipped and where Andra’s mother, Delia, lovingly referred to as Missy, dedicated many years as a janitor and later as a facilities manager.

Andra Day fondly acknowledges the musical gifts within her family, revealing that her mother, Delia, possesses a beautiful voice, though it remains hidden due to shyness. Similarly, her father, Joseph, contributes compelling vocals, adding another layer to the family’s musical tapestry.

Despite her parents’ separation and subsequent divorce when she was 17, their influence and musical legacy continue to echo in Andra Day’s life and career.

The journey of Andra’s parents reflects the essence of hard work and dedication. Her mother Delia Batie, now retired, has transitioned into writing children’s books under the pen name D. A. Batie.