Aflac Commercial with Coach K and Dawn Staley was released on Youtube on March 1, 2023. Aflac is an official partner of March Madness.

Titled Sit Poolside, it is a 31-second-long TV spot featuring two legendary college baseball coaches, Mike Krzyzewski and Dawn Staley, who are lounging poolside with the Aflac duck.

The main message of the ad is to educate the viewers about the expenses their health insurance does not cover and how Aflac can help them. 

Being the official partner of NCAA March Madness, they want to promote their services to people who might have missed the open enrollment. The video’s well-placed humor makes it entertaining and more appealing to a broader audience.

Just like Geico, Aflac is another insurance company. However, instead of car insurance, Aflac is known for popular supplemental health insurance.

Glimpse Into Aflac Commercial 2023

Aflac commercial Dawn Staley features former Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski. The footage is a humorous take on the importance of supplemental health insurance.

The scene starts with Coach K and Staley lounging poolside with the Aflac duck. Mike, who is retired, says how easy it is to get used to his retirement, but out of nowhere, a goat appears and delivers a hospital bill to one of the pool boys in scene two.

He goes towards the goat and wonders what the paper in its mouth is all about. To his wonder, it turns out to be a bill for his medical expenses, showing that he needs to pay $1,002.89.

The pool boy is surprised by the amount, thinking he has good medical insurance, but Krzyzewski and Sunrise inform him about the expenses that health insurance does not wrap. They mention he can get money to help close that gap.

They then introduce the Aflac duck, who tells the pool boy about the supplemental insurance policies. The TV spot ends with Krzyzewski and Staley enjoying their retirement even more, knowing that they have Aflac to help cover the expenses that health insurance does not.

The second advert, “Go Birdwatching,” with the pair, was released on the Aflac YouTube channel on March 12, 2023.

Dawn compliments Mike, saying retirement suits him well. Mike responds, “Who needs championships when you can enjoy watching birds?” The rest of the video is similar to “Sit Poolside”.

Both these advertisements are funny and lighthearted, but they also deliver a serious message about the importance of health insurance.

Moreover, the ad’s humor and the use of famous personalities like Mike Krzyzewski and Dawn Staley add value to the message being conveyed. The video promotes the insurance company’s services without sounding too pushy.

Coach K Other Commercials

Other Commercials featuring Coach K are:

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Coach K Aflac commercial is not just a one-off advert. Rather, Mike Krzyzewski can also be seen in many TV sports and promotional videos.

Premiered on March 2nd, 2023, the advert titled Aflac Knows Public Sector Coverage starts with a woman speaking to Krzyzewski, saying that she knows these trails better than anyone else.

Then Mike compares his knowledge of the trials to how Aflac knows the public sector. The video then explains that Aflac is a company that provides insurance to people working in the public sector, including government employees, teachers, healthcare professionals, and more.

The entity has been in business for over 65 years and has over 35,000 groups that trust them to provide high-quality coverage.

In addition, Krzyzewski appeared in a Pac-12 Conference TV advertisement in December 2021, focusing on raising awareness and prioritizing mental health issues.

The campaign video featured other NCAA coaches and staff, including the likes of Brenda Frese, Niele Ivey, and Charmin Smith.

Another popular Coach K commercial is with Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson. While walking in the Capital One Cash Cafe, Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Spike Lee bumped into Mike Krzyzewski in the opening scene.

Mike Krzyzewski mentioned that he was impressed by Capital One’s savings rate, which is claimed to be five times higher than the average rate in the country. The coach, who has also won the national championship five times, could not resist sharing this fact with the group.

Other Aflac Ads and Actors

Other Aflac commercial actors are Nick Saban and Deion Sanders, who have appeared together in multiple projects.

In August 2022, viewers had the chance to witness a unique collaboration between two American football coaches, Saban and Sanders, in Aflac commercials. It was the first time these coaches appeared together, adding excitement to the advertisements.

In their first video, former Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban can be seen playing chess with the Aflac duck. Saban pointed out a weakness in the duck’s defense, and just then, a goat shouted loudly from far away, saying, “Gap”.

Sanders, who is getting comfortable on the couch reading a book, nods, Yes. Then Saban says the gap must be referring to the expensive out-of-pocket expenses that traditional health insurance brings.

In another similar ad, Nick and Deion find themselves in a gym with a lady who seems unhappy with her hospital bills. Then they advise the lady about the Aflac insurance policy that covers expenses associated with accidents, illness, and hospitalization and how anyone can benefit from it.

Next up, the two Aflac agents are on a football field. The advert released on October 2022 begins with a stadium worker carrying out his duty. Out of the blue, a goat shows up and hands the man a bill from the hospital.

The man is completely surprised when he sees the enormous amount of money he must now pay. The next scene shows Saban and Sanders coming to the worker and explaining the expenses that traditional health insurance plans do not cover.

They recommend that he consider getting Aflac’s extra insurance, as the two of them showcased the advantages in an enjoyable and captivating manner.