Actress: Samora Smallwood Age: Her Wikipedia

Unfortunately, Samora Smallwood’s age remains ambiguous at present to the public. The actress is yet to uncover her accurate age to the netizens.

The actress’s precise birth year is unapproachable currently. Had we not discovered her  Instagram post, we’d not be able to explore her birthday.

After a meticulous inspection of her social media stages, we explored that the actress celebrates her birthday on the 6th of December consistently.

Gazing at her pictures available on the internet, she appears to be somewhere between the age scope of 25 and 30 years old.

Whereas, some news outlets stated that the actress was born in 2000. However, she hasn’t disclosed her year of birth to this day.

Speaking of her tallness and body measurements, the height of the actress is 5 feet 8 inches i.e., 1.74 meters.

The growing notability of the actress has led to cyber citizens searching for her Wikipedia biography and potential subtleties recently.

She is reportedly half African and Canadian whereas her father is from Cabo Verde. She possesses west African and Caucasian descent.

Likewise, talking about her family, she is not the only child of her parents but has a brother and a sister whose details remain unspecified.

The actress always dreamt of being an actress since an early age. She would write stories and even auditioned in different plays in her childhood.

She is a fitness freak and loves fight training. In fact, the multitalented actress performed her own stunts in “Tormented” as stated in her IMDb bio.

Explore Samora Smallwood’s Net Worth 

The net worth of Samora Smallwood is assessed to be in the scope of $1 million and $5 million. It still remains under the radar of sources.

She was previously nominated for the category of Best Series Ensemble for her role in the “Tokens” at the 2020 ACTRA award.

Considering her achievements and expertise, we can undoubtedly assume her fortune to be a massive figure from her acting career.

Samora Smallwood Husband Or Boyfriend.

The half African and Canadian actress Samora Smallwood hasn’t spoken about her husband thus far. She is discreet in regard to her personal life.

Henceforth, we are unaware of her relationship status. We assume she is single currently for she seems to be focused on her work diligently.

Moreover, details of her previous potential relationship also haven’t been published. In any way, she may be seeing someone privately as well.