A Level Exam in Nigeria: How to Enroll

Cambridge A level examination is one of the most common examinations that Nigerians students sit for.  A good result at your A level exams translates automatically to 200 level admission in any Nigerian university.

A level examination is not the same with the usual O level examination that can only give you admission into 100 Level. A level exam, just like its name indicates, is an advanced form of examination.

You need to be a very sound student to be able to sit for A level examination. In this write-up, you are going to learn one or two things on how you can register for A level examination right in Nigeria.

As a Nigerian, you can register for Cambridge International Examination two times in a year. You can either register for the May/June examination or the October/November examination.  The beautiful thing is that the results for the May/June examination usually get released before the October/ November   examination is written.

As for this year, registration for the May/June examination is already over, but registration for the October/November session is already on and you can register now without any problem.

You can either register as a private candidate or you register under an associate school.  If you are registering as a private candidate, you are required to make your payment via bank deposit and make the payment to the British Council.

If you are registering under an associate school anyway, the invoice for payment will be sent to the school under which you register and you must make the payment before the registration period ends.

Exam registration through associate schools

Your school will provide you with the registration form for the A level examination.  You are supposed to complete the form and then get it returned to the appropriate authority in you school.

The school will be responsible for managing your exam registration process and they will link with the British Council on your behalf.  The school receives the payment from you and they will be the ones to pay the British council on your behalf.

Once your school has completed all the payment and registration process on your behalf, then British council will convey all necessary examination information to your school and you will have to liaise with your school authorities to obtain the information.

The information that will be sent to you through your school includes all instructions related to the examination. They will also send the timetable of the examination, the venue of exam and the Statement of Entry.

The Statement of Entry is the document you must take along with you to the examination venue. Failure to bring this document along may prevent you from being able to sit for the examination.

The British Council will get the information across to you maximum of 3 weeks from the date of the examination.

Exam registration for private students

As a private student, you will be the one to carry out all the processes involved in the registration.  The process is however easy to follow. First thing to do is to visit the British council website and request for school exam entry form.

Download the form on their website and fill it properly. While filing the form, you are supposed to attach the following:

  • 2 current passport photographs. One of the said passport photographs needs to be stapled to the photocopy of your ID
  • Photocopy of your valid ID card.

After filling the form, you will then proceed to make payment. The payment is made through bank deposit. You can also make it via bank transfer.  The examination team will provide you with the payment details.

You need to know that the British Council will not process your application until they receive your payment.  If you register late, you may be asked to pay late registration fees.

After completing your payment, it is time to send your completed form and payment details to the British Council.

The documents are best sent via courier services to the local British council exam center closest to you. it can also be submitted by hand or in person. You need to include the following documents in the mail to be sent:

  • Online transaction number
  • Photocopy of Bank deposit slip
  • Photocopy of your valid ID card
  • Two recent passport photographs with one attached to the valid ID card.

After you have included all the documents highlighted above, send them across to the British Council via courier service or by hand. The British Council will reply by sending you the Statements of Entry and other important information regarding examination date, venue and timetable. The information is usually sent 3 weeks to the date of the examination.

As a private student, you can equally collect  the registration form from the Kano, Port Harcourt, Abuja or Lagos office of the British Council and fill it instead of downloading the form from the internet.

Truth is only valid international passport is accepted as form of identity from a private candidate.  You are expected to make photocopy of the information page of the international passport and include same with the application form.

Instead of sending the form via courier service, you can also submit it with the British Council agent that you collected the form from.


The amount to pay is largely determined by the particular examination you want to write. If you are writing Accounting examination for example, your payment ranges from N19,000 to N38,000.

Those writing Applied ICT examination will have to pay between N30,000 and N48,000.  Those writing Arabic will have to pay between N26,000 and N39,000.  Those writing Biology will have to pay between N26,000 and N49,000.

If you are writing Business examination, you will have to pay between N19,000 and N36,000.  If you are registering for Chemistry, you are expected to pay between N26,000 and N49,000.  Those writing Chinese exam are required to pay between N26,000 and N36,000.

Those registering for Classic Studies will have to pay between N26,000 and N39,000. If you are writing Computer Science examination, you are required to pay between N26,000 and N39,000.

The exam fees may change with new examination year. You can access the latest fees on the British Council website.