6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Pip Torrens

In recent years, Phillip Dean Torrens, more popularly known as Pip Torrens has seen a rise in his popularity. Fans of The Crown on Netflix and Preacher on AMC have been some of those who have had front row seat to his work in recent years. The sudden rise has not been limited to Television for the English actor, he has also appeared in films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Pip Torrens recent rise in popularity has seen him join the ranks of several accomplished British actors who, having made their name in the English entertainment industry, made the jump across the pond to star in several American projects. With a career that has spanned over 30 years, there are plenty of interesting facts to learn about the actor. Here, we take a look at 6 of them.

Who Is Pip Torrens?

Before we take a look at six interesting facts about Pip Torrens, here is a quick introduction to the life of the actor. The man who plays Herr Starr on Preacher was born on the 2nd of June, 1960. Torrens was born in Kent, in a town called Bromley. Details about Pip Torrens’ parents are unknown and as we will come to find later, they are not the only personal details about the actor that is unknown to the media.

For his education, he attended Bloxham School, Oxfordshire. As it is custom for students around the globe, Pip went to college after graduating from high school, attending Trinity College in Cambridge to study English Literature. As a future actor, he then attended Drama Studio in London where he spent a year studying acting.

Pip Torrens has an extensive filmography, particularly in Television. He has appeared in shows like Bodyguards, Murder Most Horrid, Big Bad World, To Play the King, and many more. In Film, Pip has appeared in quite an impressive number of projects, including notables like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Darkest Hour and Mowgli.

1. He Occasionally Acts As A Simulated Patient

Pip Torrens is a man who is quite dedicated to acting and sometimes, he has taken this passion to institutions of higher learning. Pip is known to sometimes play a simulated patient for students in medical schools in his home country, England, in order for them to familiarize themselves with how a real-life patient might behave when the time comes. Due to his superior acting ability, Pip Torrens has been known to occasionally volunteer himself for this role.

2. His Name Means Lover of Horses

When his name comes on screen as Pip Torrens, many would not know that Pip is short for Phillips. The name Phillip comes from a Greek word, Philippos which roughly translates to ‘Lover of Horses’. Considering those who love horses often tend to be affirmative, authoritarian people, it is a name that fits the personality that Pip Torrens is known for.

3. He Has A Secret Family

It is not every day you learn about a major Film and Television star whose family’s identities are unknown. The actor for a long time was believed to be gay due to the fact he had no recognized wife or girlfriend. However, the gay rumors were put to bed when an entry was leaked from his diary while he was on set of a show, Shackleton. The entry revealed that the actor does in fact, have a wife and at least two daughters. However, there hasn’t been any other information regarding his family including their names.

4. He Made His Onscreen Debut In Oxford Blues

We all remember our firsts, at least when it comes to the things that matter. An actor’s first on-screen appearance is an important milestone. For Pip Torrens, his first onscreen role as Oxford Blues. It was a sports movie that was released in 1984. Since then, the actor has gone on to star in over 150 films and television shows.

5. He Has Acted In Two Ian Fleming Biopics

It is one thing to feature multiple times in the iconic Bond series, it is another to feature multiple times in a biopic about the legendary man who created the iconic film character. Ian Fleming, who created the series that birthed the Bond franchise has had a couple of biopics made about his life and Pip Torrens has appeared in two of them. In the first one, Ian Fleming: Bondmaker, he appeared as Noel Coward; while in the second, Fleming, he appeared as Esmond Rothermore.

6. His Villainous Persona

Pip Torrens tends to play the menacing, villainous role and that is in part due to his height. The actor stands at an imposing 6 feet. He also sports a bald head that completes his villainous persona.