16 Rappers From Connecticut Who Are Shaping A Hip-Hop World

The third smallest state in the USA, Connecticut is shaping the hip-hop world. Connecticut rappers are hard and dedicated to making good music as if is this their era.

Growing recording studios have found budding, young and established emcees in this part of the tri-state to record some of the finest hip hop rap songs that have come lately.

After Skinny Boys from Bridgeport in the 1980s, who were able to surpass the local level and put the state in the map of hip hop, many new rappers now are once again putting the state’s rap and cultural scene not only in the national music atlas but also gaining much wider audience from all over the world.

There is an abundance of quality rap artists and the noise they have created in their scene have taken the music platforms like SoundCloud, and Spotify and social platform like Instagram by storm. 

Unlike before, when many artists had to seek record labels from NYC to help them out to put their music on the chart and get shows, many Connecticut artists now have their own recording studios and labels and the authenticity, and cultural element they are putting into their music have been largely consistent.

Also, they are hungry to collaborate with artists from other states of the nation, which too have been favorable for them for wider recognition.

Connecticut is a state with an assorted audience: there are rich, there are working class, and many who live in the hood, and the rap performers are striving to keep the hip-hop tradition alive by breaking the genres and creating all sorts of popular music, party music, gangsta music, street rap, machine gun rap, and what not – proving them to be best in the business by creating rap music for all of their diverse audience.

Most importantly, what is unique about most of the Connecticut rappers is that they are bringing their stories to people in creative ways, and it hasn’t failed to be appreciated in their cities and elsewhere.

There are rappers from Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, you name it, who are doing shows and bringing the uninterrupted flow of Singles, EPs, LPs, and Albums for rap and hip-hop fans. 

Now, let’s look at 16 such rappers from Connecticut, who should be credited for all the active listeners and followers that have been surging:

16. Tenaya Taylor

Tenaya is a nonbinary rapper artist and social activist from Hartford, CT. Taylor uses they/them pronouns and have ambition to connect art and social justice.

The bars and rhymes of their music have a progressive edge to them and so are their beats, punches and deliveries which are unique than most of the existing artists. They use references to their hometown Hartford, Connecticut, where they are from, and personal stories told in unconventional ways have established them as full-blown artist in the Connecticut hip-hop scene.

They have been touring throughout the cities speaking through art about transgender rights, gender and racial equality and want to contribute to the prosperity of future generations through her socially conscious brand of hip-hop music. 

In the City (2022), Chicken Nuggets (2021), I Love The Pizza (2021), Relatable (2019): these are some of their Singles available on SoundCloud and Spotify. 

Instagram 160 Followers
SoundCloud 64 Followers
Spotify 5 Monthly Listeners

15. Yung Gap

If we are talking about Connecticut Gangsta Rap then nobody can forget to mention Yung Gap. But he is also a rapper who is serving prison time. 

Originally Zaekwon McDaniel, Yung Gap, seeing his Gangsta Rapper father, he took to music very early, visiting studios with his father and attempting freestyles from an early age. Like many rappers who have one or another way served prison life, Gap’s lyrics are rich with reference to being in custody, injustice, gang violence, and the emotional pain of being away from a family.

Even behind bars, he hasn’t stopped being creative – in 2022 he released an album with 24 songs called Street Testimony Deluxe, much in the same fashion as Street Nigga Testimony which was released back in 2020.

His Fed Watching, Million Dollar Bond, 960 Story and many other singles have gained thousands of views on Youtube. A recent documentary released, interviewing his family and relatives, shows how a young talent has been stopped midway by the law under the pretext of justice.

He is a hardworking young rapper somehow drawn into Gang related crimes, however, his ability as a powerful songwriter and rapper is still being felt.

SoundCloud 2186 Followers
Spotify 420 Monthly Listeners

14. OnlyOne QB

Only One QB is a rapper from Bridgeport, Connecticut and like his name, his songs differentiate him from the crowd. He started in 2010 and is still active. 

He has got his brother’s tattoo on his neck, who inspired him to make a career in rap music. His energetic drill and gangsta music basically tell stories, and what he saw growing up in the violent neighborhood amidst poverty and street life, and he wants to do it better every year.

As he said in one of his interviews, he wants to do much more in the future, especially in making party rap music.

RTN (2021) and 50 Blocks the Mixtape are his hit albums. His singles like Mmmm (2022), Where Time Go (2021), Rumors/Spin (2021), Fuck Em All (2018) have all been received positively by his spreading audience.

SoundCloud 2228 Followers
Spotify 153 Monthly Listeners

13. IB Trizzy

Born in 1994, this young rapper from New Haven, CT, has been setting new heights in the rap scene. Like his recent EP’s name, he is also setting new trends. 

He started his career working with his brother, but after he went to jail, changing his name to IB Trizzy, he began on his own to make videos. He was motivated that he could tell his life in beats and if asked to choose his favorite among his songs, he humbly says that all are equally lovable to him because in each song there is some part of him that he has poured in genuinely.

After his first video got crazy views, there was nothing stopping him, and he went on doing more and more hit singles.

From the very beginning, he has collaborated with many CT and outside artists and is continuing to do so.

His singles: Finger Roll (2016), Watch me Surf (2016), Nothing to Me ft. Lil Bibby (2016) and many others have been well-received by his hood audience in new Haven and outside the city. There are two EPs he has delivered so far: Life goes On (2021, 6 Songs) and Trend Setter (2022, 6 Songs).

SoundCloud 2524 Followers
Spotify 221 Monthly Listeners

12. Breeze Dollaz

Hailing from Hartford, CT, Breeze Dollaz is a rising independent emcee with flawless ability. For him, music is a portal to open up new arenas of entertainment.

He started doing music when he was 13 and had already released his mixtape when he was in high school and he takes his influence from all cultural things. Since then, his back-to-back hit singles have been commercially successful for his bangers, and impeccable lyrical skills as he tries to find his language in the industry.

In an interview, he said that he wants to explore ways of entertaining people, and make varieties of music – for summer, winter, party, moods, old man, a lady – and want to transform the multitude of vibes and feelings into music.

Humble and creative, Breeze Dollaz’s advice for a new artist is to remain low-key and keep doing hard work and through his record label Money Hungry Records LLC, he wants to develop and help upcoming rap artists. For the future, he has simple plans: work to perfect his music and try to collaborate with different producers.

His album Love of Dollaz (2018) and EP Dear Summer (2019) were massively successful among listeners, but his singles What I Want (2022), Waldo (2021), Get the Dough (2018) really stand him out from the rest for his genuine prowess to make music.

Twitter 4438 Followers
SoundCloud 1263 Followers
Spotify 14 Monthly Listener

11. Young Klean

Young Klean is a talented Rapper from New Haven, Connecticut, who wants to take his city’s hip-hop to next level. He is one of those ‘cool dudes from the hood!”

He keeps experimenting with his music and narrative styles, and that is what makes him one of the most versatile rappers out there.

When asked his motive for the rap, he says it is like a therapeutic way to cope with life, its hardships and commonly shared feelings – his lyrics, beats and rhythms come from his honest telling of his sad, good and complex feelings – which he thinks will resonate with his fans.

He calls his music Feel Good Music: which will help reflect one’s life, challenges and hope for the future and redemption. 

Also known as Mango by his loved ones, his music ranges from R&B, Street Traps, and Hip-Hop, and he has accepted that he catches the vibe and beat, and then it is very easy for him to rap – this is his drive.

His first song, Ville Shit (2013) was overwhelmingly successful on SoundCloud (played more than 176K times to date) and since then, he has brought to his growing audience, many Singles: Vent (2021), Lodi Jodi (2020) etc. and an album called Kelli’s Son in 2022.

He wrote about the loss of his friends and family members during covid, he has written about a broken heart from love, and it seems his personal journeys have been the trademark of his music that connects immediately, and the most humble thing is: he welcomes constructive criticisms. 

SoundCloud 1670 Followers
Instagram 7017 Followers
Spotify 197 Monthly Listeners

10. Mula Guapo

Guapo is just in his early 20s and has already made a name for himself in the scene. He started doing music when he was 17-18, and has been active since then.

Mula Guapo was raised in poverty and mostly grew up with his grandmothers – he even has tattoos for them – so he has seen enough of the street and gangster life while growing up in Bridgeport. He has always strived to be himself and be different from the crowd.

He is a shy speaker but when it comes to performing, his aggressive lyrics and slaps, and music video featuring ‘Gansta life, money and booze’ have gained him instant recognition from hip-hop fans. 

His early success can be credited to his famous singles: Crazy (2017) and Trippin (2019). He has released two popular albums to date: Blood Over Water (2018) and Toxic Boy (2022)

Instagram 23.1K Followers
Spotify 2970 Monthly Listeners
SoundCloud 1513 Followers

9. Brillo

From Bridgeport, CT, Brillo is a rapper whose poetic lyrics and bars are about life and its struggle. Imprisoned at 19, his songs draw from his harsh experience.

After spending 8 years in confinement, Brillo – who had been rapping before his prison time, and who didn’t stop doing it while in jail, where he started taking it seriously – immediately revived himself upon release.

He started making videos and used social platforms, mostly Instagram, to upload his hip-hop clips, and that got him immediate attention. Through his music, Brillo, who had had a rough upbringing and who spent his forming days in jail, merged his talent for rap and his experience after witnessing the prison rap scene.

It is worth noting, recognizing his talent and authenticity, a reputed and iconic label for hip-hop artists, Ruff Ryders Entertainment signed a deal with him too. The General’s Recruit (2018), Who’s Brillo? (2020) and his latest They 4Got About the Streets (2022) have made him a critical figure in the CT rap culture.

Ever since his release, he has been touring and as he claims in his one interview, he is making himself a better rapper every day.

Instagram 45.8K Followers
YouTube 1.81K Subscribers
Spotify 27 Monthly Listeners

8. Tye Henney

Tye Henney is from New Haven, CT and he mixes life and sound. With many singles, more than half a dozen Albums, and an EP, he still considers himself ordinary.

Henney got inspiration from his father who used to make music. His projects have stood out against the rest because he gets ideas from unique resources: cultural differences and deeply personal experiences, and that’s why when asked how his music differs, he says: “It’s because my shit is real, my shit is true.

That’s how I stand out… everyone knows my shit is real.” His musical projects like “Tru Print” was influenced by his childhood, and it puts in bars his embarrassments and victory over such phases of life. 

His most recent album was 1207 released in 2022. His other albums: Highway Henney 2, The Kome Up 3 and singles: Khris Middleton, All Dawgs Go To Heaven, Get a Pass and many others have earned him respect from his growing fan base trying to bring him up from the Underground to the Mainstream.

Spotify 2,928 Monthly Listeners
Instagram 19.9K Followers
YouTube 2.27K Subscribers

7. Bandz Danero

Connecticut-based rapper Bandz Danero has released many successful hits during his career. His two Albums and Singles have been well-recognized by the audience.

When it comes to adding value to the rap scene, artists with limited releases are also important. Harford Connecticut artist (originally Willie Wright) Bandz Danero’s singles Velvet (2020), Bag Talk (2021), 100 P’s (2021), Frito Lay (2022) and Albums: Bag Talk (2 (The Bandemic), 2021 and Bag Talk 2 Reloaded, 2022, and have proved that he is old in the game and with a lot of possibilities.

After spending 10 years in Federal Prison, rapper and songwriter made reprisal again, and this time he wants to make it right by being creative as much as possible – because he had come to the music scene as an alternative to the street life and the success of his Project ‘Dime and Gunz’ meant that he indeed was able to create moving and selling works.

Spotify 1114 Monthly Listeners
Instagram 29.2K Followers
YouTube 3.17 K Subscribers

6. Call Me Ace

A hip-hop artist, businessman, author and public speaker, Bridgeport-born artist Call Me Ace has proved himself everywhere. His EPs have been topping the charts.

What he suggests his fans follow is this simple thing – “LIVE A RICH LIFE. NOT JUST A LIFE FULL OF RICHES.” and, this value has driven his music. He is into many professions but still he loves to create authentic music, which he has been doing since releasing his first EP Misinterpretations in 2016.

And since then, without fail he has released a new EP every year, the latest being Renaissance Period (2022). He has spoken at TedTalks about his love of music and the way of passionate living.

His debut album, Airplane Mode (2019) was in the top 3 of the iTunes Top 40 US Hip-Hop Album chart and his second album has also been highly praised, as he comes out artistic stronger even more than before.

He makes rap out of his experiences and puts them together with sound, images, and verses to sing about passion and purpose in life. 

Spotify 11,179 Monthly Listeners
Instagram 9,031 Followers
SoundCloud 4k Followers

5. Ceschi

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Ceschi Ramos is popularly known as Ceschi. A musician and rapper, Ceschi won the Connecticut Music Awards for Hip Hop in 2014.

A singer-songwriter at the core, Ceschi has enjoyed making progressive hip hop blending with elements of folk and indie rock music, while he has won the audience through his punk machine gun raps as well.

He, co-founder of the record label Fake Four Inc., released his first single album, Fake Flowers in 2004, and since then, his collaborations with MCs for psych-jazz rap, lo-fi synth pop music and tongue-twisting rap tracks have been highly praised.

A performer at the most, Ceschi has a wide audience because of his genre-breaking ability. This Guitar was Stolen (2021), Sad, Fat Luck (2019), Broken Bone Ballads (2015), and The One Man Band Broke Up (2010) are some of his most popular releases on Spotify.

Spotify 36,439 Monthly Listeners 33.2K Listeners
SoundCloud 3K Followers

4. Snowsa

Originally from Bridgeport, Verneisha Snow, known as Snowsa is a rapper based in New Haven. Her viral “Yank Riddim” in 2018 thrust her into the limelight.

With her solo release that immediately went viral for its groove dance, “Yank Riddim” posed the talent of the artist and attracted major record-label Island to approach her.

Her latest releases are No Ceilings (2022), First Warning (2022), Snowin in Korea (2021) which hasn’t surpassed her first party cut release but she has already been called a once-in-a-generation artist by some, and she is rising into national stardom. 

This new star has already marked her impression on the Connecticut hip-hop culture, and rapper Young M.A has called her a “genuine artist”. Snowsa’s music and lyrics are poetic and yet the same time makes people dance in the crowd. 

Spotify 62,441 Monthly Listeners 10.2K Listeners
YouTube 3.28K Subscribers

3. Apathy

Formerly known as “The Alien Tongue”, Connecticut rapper Apathy’s real name is Chad Bromley. Best known both for his solo releases, he is a member of Demigodz.

This 44-year-old rapper made his career debut in the Jedi Mind Tricks’ LP, 1997.  

While releasing his singles on Bronx Science Record, he met up with Celph Tilted, and the duo along with other MCs found the Demigodz crew which would release their EP in 2002, and from here Apathy also championed as a Solo Artist to catch the attention of major labels. Since then he has worked on EPs, LPs, albums and mixtapes. 

A fervent critic of overuse of Auto-tunes in music, Apathy’s albums like It’s the Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Vol. 1, Connecticut Casual (2014); Where’s Your Album?!! (2004, Mixtape) and Weekend at the Cape (2005, EP) and many others releases are very successful among the fans.

Spotify 509,656 Monthly Listeners
Youtube 54.3 K Followers
SoundCloud 8901 Followers

2. Christian Felner (Felly)

Felly is an American rapper, singer and record producer from Connecticut. Just 28 years old, Felly already has many EPs, Studio Albums and Singles to his name.

Felly started his career making Beats during his college days and posted videos of them on his YouTube channel Felnuts which gained him a large fan base and nationwide tours. He is known for fusing the genres: almost anything from Marley-inspired Reggae to rap influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

His delicate and passionate music which he creates wholeheartedly – started from mixtapes and singles back from his early days in 2014, when he used to sell his beats on Bandcamp – has got him wider attention. 

Waking Up from Sirens (2014), This Shit Comes in Waves (2015), Young Fel (2016), Young Fel 2 (2021) are some of his famous music pieces from his amassed content.

Felly has constantly been experimenting with his music, and often longs to connect music to his roots; In an interview, Felly said that his hometown is where it all comes from. Sometimes, he thinks about going back there and just making something there to get some really raw parts of himself – this is why his music is so mystical and spiritual too.

Spotify 1,029,541 Monthly Listeners 148.3K Listeners
SoundCloud 124K Followers

1. Chris Webby

You will be surprised to know that Chris Webby’s fans are called Ninjas. Best known for versatile wordplay and cultural references, Webby loves cartoon tattoos.

With more than a dozen Mixtapes and 3 EPs to his name, this veteran rap artist and founder of independent record label EightyHD Music, has shown his ability and inclination towards pop cultural changes and references, multifaceted lyrical flow and ingeniously powerful punchlines.

Norwalk-based Webby’s discography includes recent releases: Wednesday Before Last (2022), Still Wednesday (2021), 28 Wednesdays Later (2020)… all released under his own record label EightyHD.

Datpiff’s server had to shut down when his fifth mixtape Best In the Burbs was released due to excessive downloads – we can rate the craze for his music from this natural anticipation from the listeners.

Spotify 1,142,301 Monthly Listeners 143.8K Listeners
SoundCloud 85.1K Followers