How much is Youtube TV?

Starting July 30, 2020, the cost of YouTube TV was increased from $50 to $65 per month.

This comes after 2019 increase from $40 to $50. One may be concern about the seemingly consistent price hikes, but the users seem to get value for their money.

It appears that the subscribers have access to newer, more entertaining and informative channels, including Comedy Central, VH1, Discovery Channel which weren’t going to be free.

Below is an official tweet from the YouTube TV announcing the new channels and price increase;

We at YouTube TV license content from our content providers to then provide to you. When content prices increase, the overall cost of streaming goes up for everyone.

— YouTube TV (@YouTubeTV) June 30, 2020

However, the company has promised to prepare a more affordable package for users who may not be able to afford the new price hike.

They wrote;

“We are working to build new flexible models for YouTube TV users.”

If you are new to the service, you can try out YouTube TV for seven days for free and can be cancelled at any time since there is no contract.

Below are some addons and the extra monthly charges that come with them;

  1. Showtime …… $7
  2. Fox Soccer Plus ….. $15
  3. Shudder and AMC ….. $5
  4. Sundance ……. $7
  5. Starz ……. $9
  6. Curiosity TV ……. $3
  7. NBA League Pass …… $40
  8. Epix ….. $6