What is the best SIM card in Hong Kong?

If you want to buy a SIM card in Hong Kong, I would recommend going with the csl. Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card. The 5-day SIM card is sold for 88 HKD with 1.5 GB of local mobile data. The 8-day pass can be bought for 118 HKD and comes with 5 GB, unlimited calling, and CSL WiFi.

How do I get a SIM card in Hong Kong?

You can get the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card at any 1O1O Center in town, more than 1,000 7-Eleven, Circle K or VanGO convenience stores, csl or HKT shops, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Kowloon Visitor Centre at the Star Ferry Concourse in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Is a SIM card worth it?

The short answer is yes, you can sell your SIM card – but it’s probably not worth the time and effort, except in certain circumstances. “A SIM card and the subscription attached to it is really inexpensive. When someone buys a SIM card it comes with a subscription for the person who created the account.

Can I buy a SIM card at Hong Kong airport?

Want to stay connected during your journey in Hong Kong? Visit the shops and counters at Hong Kong International Airport to purchase local SIM cards, or rent a pocket Wi-Fi.

Is there free WIFI in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Government GovWiFi scheme provides free wireless internet access via over 3,000 hotspots at about 570 locations (at December 2015) throughout public spaces in the city including public libraries, cultural and recreational centres, museums, sports venues, cooked food markets and major parks.

Can I use my mobile phone in Hong Kong?

Using your own mobile phone in Hong Kong is easy, as most of the telephone systems used around the world (such as GSM 900/1800/2100, PCS 1800, CDMA, and WCDMA) are operational in Hong Kong. If your cellphone is on a GSM system, and you have a world-capable multiband phone, you can make and receive calls in Hong Kong.

Can I use WhatsApp in Hong Kong?

Yes, WhatsApp works in Hong Kong.

Does Hong Kong SIM card work in Macau?

In the past, you were roaming in Macau with a HK SIM, but these days the cards here will provide data service in Macau as though you were locally in Hong Kong. … Since the HK mobile post-paid plans still consider Macau roaming, it may be cheaper for you to buy a separate prepaid SIM to use during your visit to Macau.

Can you use Hong Kong SIM card in China?

Roaming SIM cards for mainland China and Macau

In Hong Kong some prepaid SIM cards are offered, that can be used both across Hong Kong and mainland China.

Is iPhone cheaper in Hong Kong?

All of this we told you in that earlier copy. But don’t go to Hong Kong to buy the iPhone X, or for that matter the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. In the long run, it is not the best thing to do. Let’s explain.

Is Google available in Hong Kong?

Google is freely accessible in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. These countries are not behind mainland China’s Great Firewall. A VPN is not necessary to use them, but travelers might still want a VPN for additional security while abroad.

Is Facebook allowed in Hong Kong?

As much of Hong Kong society has been transformed to more closely resemble the mainland, some fear the city’s digital spaces will be, too. In the mainland, Facebook, Twitter and many Western news outlets are blocked, and an army of censors works around the clock to remove any sensitive content.

Is it safe to buy Hong Kong iPhone?

Absolutely no problem if you buy an unlocked version from official Apple store.

What is HK version in iPhone?

Hong Kong / China – iPhone versions

While iPhones from the rest of the world have only one nano sim card slot with the option to use a second mobile number through the e-sim, the Hong Kong and China mainland versions instead have two nano sim card slots.

What is the difference in iPhone Hong Kong version?

The only difference is in the HK variant both SIMs are physical rather than one physical and one eSIM. The reason there is a Middle East variant is due to the facetime restrictions imposed in some countries, other than that they are pretty much the same.

Can Hong Kong iPhone work in USA?

Yes it will work. If you can find a pay-as-you go plan for your iPhone then yes. Your phone from Hong Kong is unlocked and you can buy a sim card over there. However, AT&T generally does not allow pay as you go SIMS for iPhones.

Can I use Hong Kong iPhone in USA?

Answer: A: All iphones sold from official sources in Hong Kong are unlocked & will work on any GSM carriers network with the appropriate activated sim, including the USA.

How Much Is iPhone XR in Hong Kong?

The Apple iPhone XR features a 6.1″ display, 12MP back camera, 7MP front camera, and a 2942mAh battery capacity.

Price List by Country for Apple iPhone XR.
Country International Price Price in HKD
Hong Kong HKD 324.99 HK$ 325.00
Indonesia IDR 6.229.000 HK$ 3,384.00

Are Hong Kong iphones unlocked?

Your device needs to be unlocked to use on any network, if it isn’t unlocked you need to contact your current provider in Hong Kong.

How do I convert my SIM to eSIM?

Convert your physical SIM to an eSIM on the same iPhone
  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular.
  2. Tap Convert to eSIM.
  3. Tap Convert Cellular Plan.
  4. Tap Convert to eSIM.
  5. Wait for your eSIM to activate. Your previous SIM card is deactivated when the cellular plan on your new iPhone activates.

What is nano SIM card?

Nano SIM is the fourth version, or the “fourth form factor” (4FF) of the SIM standard and measures a mere 12.3 mm by 8.8 mm by 0.67 mm, but still holds the same amount of data as earlier SIM cards.

Will Hong Kong iPhone work in UK?

All iPhones purchased from official sources in Hong Kong are sold as officially unlocked. Thus, your phone will work fine in the UK with a pre-paid sim from any official carrier in the UK. All iPhones purchased from official sources in Hong Kong are sold as officially unlocked.