How do you change your email on SoundCloud app?

How do I change my email address? If you have more than one email on your account and would like to change the primary address, simply do so by clicking the ‘Make primary’ button on the right hand side of the email on your Settings page.

How do I change my info on SoundCloud?

You can change your display name and profile URL by visiting your profile page via a web browser on your computer and clicking the Edit button under your profile header. The username can also be changed via mobile (URL changes not possible on mobile). You can choose whichever display name you want.

What do I do if I forgot my SoundCloud email?

If you can‘t sign in because you don’t know the email address associated with your account, try the following: If you know the profile URL (e.g. alex or, you can use that to sign in. Please remember to type in just the last part, e.g alex.

Can I change my profile picture on SoundCloud?

At the moment, you cannot update a profile picture on the Android app, but you can still do so on the website using a browser app.

Why won’t SoundCloud let me change my profile picture?

If you’re having issues uploading your image, first make sure the image has a file size of 2MB or less (for the best results, we recommend uploading a . jpg or . png of at least 800 pixels x 800 pixels. If your email is not confirmed, you will not be able to upload tracks or images.

Why can’t I upload my song to SoundCloud?

Check your upload allowance, and make sure you’ve got space to upload. Make sure you follow our upload requirements. Confirm your email if this is not done. Check our Status Blog to make sure that there are not any interruptions on site that could cause you difficulties loading pages.

Why is my picture sideways on SoundCloud?

They are still rotated incorrectly in the file. So, the image needs to be rotated the right way on your local computer before uploading, or you can use the editor in the image manager to turn it the right way. Just right-click on the image inside the MoxieManager screen and select Edit.

What should my SoundCloud name be?

Optimize Display Name and URL

SoundCloud lets you add, edit and change both your display name (username) and URL (profile URL). Your username should be your actual name or name of your band, without any dashes or special character.

How do I cancel my SoundCloud?

Website or Android
  1. Go to your SoundCloud Go+ account.
  2. Go to your Subscriptions page.
  3. Select Cancel.

How do you change your profile name on SoundCloud?

Sign in to your account on the SoundCloud website.
  1. Tap the profile image next to your username in the top-right corner, then click “Profile.”
  2. Tap “Edit” next to the pencil icon, below your profile’s header.
  3. Make any desired changes to your SoundCloud display name and profile URL, then click “Save changes.”

How do you write an EPK Bio?

These elements will help you write an effective bio that talks about your music and your background in a concise way.
  1. Engaging introduction.
  2. Background information.
  3. Description of your music.
  4. Career highlights and achievements.
  5. Media quotes.
  6. Up to date information.

How do you write a killer band bio?

What Should A Band Bio Include?
  1. An engaging introduction.
  2. Background and historical info.
  3. Description of your music or musical style.
  4. Your highlights and achievements.
  5. Media quotes or testimonials (If you have them)
  6. Current information (like shows and album releases)

How long should a music bio be?

Don’t write bios that are too long. If it’s for an award ceremony or a festival website, give them 1-2 paragraphs, less than 200 words. If it’s for industry people, get everything into 3-4 paragraphs—under 400 words. You want your music bio to be compelling.

How do you write an EPK?

How to make an EPK
  1. Write a short EPK bio.
  2. Include links to music.
  3. Add gig dates and details.
  4. Include any press releases in your EPK.
  5. Use professional photos.
  6. Embed music videos.
  7. Note any relevant mentions.
  8. Provide any contact details.

What format should an EPK be?

Generally most media prefer Word docs as they are easier to copy and paste into an unformatted document. It is easy enough to provide both options, just by using the “save as” menu option in Word to convert your file into PDF format.