Where does 25U go to AIT?

Fort Gordon
Advanced Individual Training for an Army Signal Support System Specialist (MOS 25U) involves 16 more weeks of job-related training. The time in AIT is a combination of classroom learning and work in the field. The training for MOS 25U takes place at Fort Gordon in Georgia.

Is 25U A hard MOS?

25U—Signal Support Systems Specialist – I think this is the hardest Signal MOS because you are alone in an infantry or other type of unit. If something uses electricity, you will be expected to make it work and fix it. Very high pressure, but very rewarding.

Is 25U a combat MOS?

Working in infantry or other related combat units, the 25U may provide the entire unit with their communication needs, the reason being the uniform obtains training on most communication systems. A 25U is often cross-trained in other Signal MOS tasks.

What GT score do you need to be a 25U?

Recruits who want to qualify for MOS 25U will need a surveillance and communications (SC) score of 92 and an electronics (EL) score of 93 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests.

Does 25 C see combat?

Does MOS 25C see combat? An Army Radio Operator (MOS 25C) may be assigned to a combat unit, in which their skills are critical for maintaining communications on the battlefield.

What is a 25W in the army?

The Duties of Army MOS 25W Telecommunications Operations Chief. … A telecommunications operations chief in the Army overseas information systems supports functions for command, control, communications, and computers used at all echelons of the Army.

How long is 25u training?

Job training for a signal support systems specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 16 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction.

What military job requires the highest ASVAB score?

The Air Force
The Air Force has the highest enlistment score requirement of any branch of the military. If you are a high school senior or a high school graduate, you must have a minimum of 31 for an overall ASVAB score.

What is the highest score on the ASVAB for Marines?

The maximum ASVAB score is 99. For enlistment into the Marine Corps, you must get a minimum ASVAB score of 35. Each Marine Corps job is given a code known as a military occupational specialty (MOS).

How long is 25B Reclass?

Currently in the 25B Reclass School. 8 Weeks. 4 Phases. Each phase is 2 weeks long.

What does a culinary specialist do in the Army?

As a Culinary Specialist, you’ll be in charge of preparing and serving large-scale meals comparable to any major restaurant so that Soldiers can sit down and enjoy a hot meal in between training or mission deployments.

What does a 25 Bravo do in the Army?

This Army job is military occupational specialty (MOS) 25B – Information Technology (IT) Specialists. These soldiers deal with highly sensitive information and need to have technical skills and aptitude for programming and computer languages.

How long is 51C AIT?

6 to 9 months
It will typically take 6 to 9 months to get a training seat.

How long is 12R Reclass?

12R MOS Training and Career Path

After completion of ten weeks of basic training, service members will continue with seven weeks of advanced training in this field. Advanced training is partially in-class direct instruction.

Can army officers Reclass?

Yes, active component Army officers may transfer from one branch to another, but there are a number of hurdles to get over if one wishes to transfer voluntarily.

What is a 51 Charlie Army?

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 51C, Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (AL&T) Contracting Noncommissioned Officer (NCO), is a highly critical career field established in December 2006 to meet the Army’s continuously increasing need for contingency contracting officers in the modular force.

Can you change your MOS in the Army Reserve?

Yes, Army can change your MOS. You granted permission when you enlisted in your contract.

What is a 38B in the Army?

Army Civil Affairs Specialist (MOS 38B) are responsible for being a non-lethal liaison for local citizens in combat or crisis situations. … These specialized soldiers play a variety of roles from natural disaster support to civil affairs documentation expert.

How do you become a 51C?

Example Documentation:
  1. MOS 51C Education Memorandum and Transcript.
  2. MOS 51C Security Clearance.
  3. Career Counselor Memorandum.
  4. MOS 51C DA Form 4187.
  5. Example Essay Framework 2019.
  6. Soldier Reclassification Request.
  7. Example Education Plan.
  8. SR MFR Example Framework.

What does a 92G do in the army?

Army Food Service Specialist (MOS 92G) Duties & Responsibilities. The Army’s website says that food service specialist “bakes, fries, braises, boils, simmer, steams and sautees as prescribed by Army production schedule.” That covers pretty much any type of food they’d serve in a DFAC or Mess Hall.

What is a 35B MOS?

35B MOS. Job Detail. Supervises, operates, and performs unit and direct support and general support (DS/GS) level maintenance on Land Combat Support Systems.

What is a 37F in the Army?

Army Psychological Operations Specialist (MOS 37F) are responsible for researching and developing targeted campaigns aimed at engaging and influencing a selected audience. This position requires advanced training, of up to 12 months that includes Airborne Training.