Yasser Thabet’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

Intro Egyptian journalist
Is Journalist
From Egypt
Type Journalism
Social science
Gender male

7 May 1964, Cologne

Age 56 years

Yasser Talaat Hafez Thabet (Arabic: ياسر ثابت‎‎) is an acclaimed Egyptian journalist and liberal writer.

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Born on 7 May 1964 in Cologne, Germany, Thabet gained a BA in Journalism from the Mass Communication Faculty at Cairo University, Egypt in May 1985 and a master’s degree in Journalism from the Centre for Journalism Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff in 1998. In September 2000, he gained his PhD degree in Journalism from Boston University, US.

While studying at Cairo University, he was selected to head the foreign affairs department at the University newspaper, Sawt Al-Gamea, Arabic for “Voice of the University”.

He started his professional career at Al-Ahram when he was a student and continued his career as a Foreign Affairs Editor until he resigned in 2006.


Yasser Thabet was among the main journalists who started a unique experience in Egyptian journalism, called Independent Journalism. The cornerstone of this experience was the widespread newspaper [Al-Dostour][1]. In 1991, he was among the founders of the first daily business newspaper in Egypt, titled Al Alam Al Youm, Arabic for “World Today”. In 2001, he became the managing editor of Sawt Al-Ummah private-owned newspaper, before leaving for Qatar in August 2002 to be Senior Producer of Al-Jazeera Channel.

In March 2007, he travelled to US where he started his new post as the chief editor of Al-Hurra Channel. It was a brief work experience. However, some US writers and researchers praised Thabet’s highly revered legacy and outstanding journalistic achievements.

Thabet became Program Editor of Al-Arabiya Channel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, starting November 2007, before joining Sky News Arabia Channel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as Director of Output, starting June 2011.

Thabet gave presentations on media issues in UK, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Canada and US. He has been on the faculty panel of the Salzburg Seminars on two occasions. On 11 June 2009, Yasser Thabet was a speaker at a conference titled Civilian Capacity Building and Democratic Consciousness Raising in Security and Human Rights which was organized in Ankara, Turkey by The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV).


Thabet writes regularly in his well-known blog Qabl Al-Tofan[1], Arabic for Before The Deluge about history, literature and even sports in a distinguished and articulated style.

On 27 November 2008, The Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards—The BOBs –announced that “Before the Deluge” won the People’s Choice prize as the Best Weblog Arabic [2]. The jury said that “Yasser’s entries about historical figures and events tends to be among the Arab blogsphere’s most well-researched posts. An established journalist and talented, creative storyteller, he gives his readers a new view on old stories”.


Thabet is the author of numerous publications on history, media and literature in the Middle East. His list of books includes the following:

  • Al-Mawt ‘ala El-Tareeka El-Misriya (Death on the Egyptian Way) [1] (2016) Cairo: Dar Oktob.
  • Har’ek Al-Tafkeer wal Takfeer (Fires of Thinking and Excommunication) [2] (2016) Cairo: Dar Oktob.
  • Gamrtan: Tamareen ‘ala El-Nesyan (Two Embers: Exercises on Forgetfulness) [3] (2016) Cairo: Dar Oktob.
  • Al-A’SA wal-Matrakah: Sera’a Al-Solta wal-Kadha’ (The Stick and Hammer: the Struggle between Power and Judiciary), (2015) Cairo: Dar Oktob [4]
  • Watan Mahalak Ser (A Home Which Rounds in Circles), (2015) Cairo: Dar Oktob [5]
  • Al-Mutala’boun bel-‘ouqool: Saqtat Al-I’lam fi Misr (Mind Manipulators: Media Lapses in Egypt), (2015) Cairo: Dar Oktob.
  • Sadiq Al-Rais: Hokam Misr Al-Seryoun (The President’s Friend: Egypt Secret Rulers), (2015) Cairo: Dar Oktob [6]
  • Horoub Al-Hawanem (Ladies Wars), (2015) Cairo: Dar Oktob [7]
  • Deen Misr: Omaraa Al-Dam wal-Video (Egypt’s Religion: Warlords of Blood and Video), (2015) Cairo: Dar Oktob
  • Hokam Misr min Al-Malakiya ila Al-Sisi (Egypt Rulers from Kingdom to Al-Sisi), (2015) Cairo: Dar Al-Hayat
  • Misr Qabl Al-Montage (Egypt before Editing), (2015) Cairo: Dar Delta
  • Ghorfat Khal’a El-Malabes: Wogoh wa Keyasat (Fitting Room: Faces and Measurements), (2014) Cairo: Dar Oktob [8]
  • Zanb (Guilt), (2014) Cairo: Dar Oktob [9] [10] [11] [12]
  • Agmal Al-Ktalah (The Most Beautiful Killers), (2014) Cairo: Dar Oktob [13] [14]
  • Al-Sera’a ala Misr: The’ab Mubarak wal-Ahd Al-Gadeed (Conflict over Egypt: Mubarak Wolves and the New Era), (2014) Cairo: Kenouz [15][16]
  • Ayamona Al-Mansiya (Our Forgotten Days), (2014) Beirut: Difaf/ Algiers: Al-Ikhtlaf [17]
  • Tahta Me’taf Al-Gharam (Under the Passion Coat), (2014) Cairo: Dar Oktob [18][19]
  • Morawadah (Courting), (2014) Cairo: Dar Oktob [20]
  • Zaman Al-‘Aela: Safaqat Al-Mal wal-Ikhwan wal-Solta (The Age of Family: Money, Muslim Brotherhood and Power Deals), (2014) Cairo: Dar Merit [21] [22]
  • Sena’at Al-Tagheyah: Soqout Al-Nokhab wa Bozor Al-Istebdad (Creating the Tyrant: The Fall of the Elites and the Seeds of Despotism), (2013) Cairo: Dar Oktob


  • Ra’is Al-Foras Al-Dhaa’a’ah: Morsi Bayn Misr wal-Jamaa’ah (President of Missed Opportunities: Morsi between Egypt and the Group), (2013) Cairo: Dar Oktob [24]
  • Horoub Al-Asheera: Morsi fi Shohor Al-Reeba (Clan Wars: Morsi in Suspicion Months), (2013) Cairo: Dar Oktob [25] [26]
  • Mohakmet Al-Ra’is: Al-Bahth a’n Al-Kanoun Al-Ghaa’b (The President on Trial: In search of a Lost Law) – (2013) Cairo: Dar Oktob [27]
  • Dawlat Al-Ultras: Asfar Al-Thawrah wa El-Mazbaha (The State of Ultras: Tales of Revolution and Massacre) – (2013) Cairo: Dar Oktob [28] [29].
  • Qisat Al-Tharwah fi Misr (Story of Wealth in Egypt) – (2012) Cairo: Dar Merit [30].
  • Shahqat Al-Ya’eseen: Al-Intihar fi Al’alm Al-Arabi (Gasp of the Desperate: Suicide in the Arab World) – (2012) Cairo: Dar Al-Tanweer [31][32].
  • Fidhat Al-Dahshah (Silver of Surprise) – (2012) Cairo: Dar Al-Ein [33].
  • Haya Bena Nal’ab: An Al-Awtan wa Al-Awthan(Let Us Play: About Homelands and Pagan Idols) – (2012) Cairo: Dar Oktob [34].
  • Lahazat Twitter (Twitter Moments) – (2011) Cairo: Dar Al-Ein [35].
  • Futuwat wa Effendiya (Bullies and Effendis) – (2010) Cairo: Dar Sefsafa [36].
  • Horoub Korat Al-Qadam (Soccer Wars) – (2010) Cairo: Dar Al-Ein [37].
  • Jra’im bil-Hibr Al-Siri (Crimes in Invisible Ink) – (2010) Cairo: Markaz Al-Hadhara Al-Arabiya [38].
  • Kitab Al-Raghba (Book of Desire) – (2010) Beirut: Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc [39].
  • Film Masri Taweel (A Long Egyptian Film) – (2010) Cairo: Markaz Al-Hadhara Al-Arabiya [40].
  • Yawmeyat Saher Motaqa’ed (Diraies of a Retired Magician) – (2009) Cairo: Dar Al-Ein [41].
  • Jra’im Al-A’atefah fi Misr Al-Nazefah (Crimes of Passion in Bleeding Egypt)- (2009) Beirut: Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc.
  • Qabl Al-Tofan: Al-Tarikh Al-Dha’ia lil-Al-Mahrousa fi Modawana Misryia (Before the Deluge: The Missing History of Egypt in an Egyptian Blog)- (2008) Cairo: Mizan Book.[42]
  • Jomhouriyat Al-Fawdha: Qisat Inhisar Al-Watan wa Inkisar Al-Mowatin (The Republic of Chaos: A Story of the Decline of the Nation and the Refraction of the Citizen)- (2008) Cairo: Mizan Book.[43]
  • Thakerat Al-Qarn Al-Eshrin (Memory of the 20th Century)- (2002) Cairo: Al-Dar Al-Arabiya Lil-Kitab.[44]
  • Mawsoua’t Ka’as Al–Alam (World Cup Encyclopedia)- (1994) Cairo: Madbouly Al-Saghir.