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Marsha Milan Londoh Biography

Marsha Milan Londoh (Marsha Lya Milan Londoh) is a Malaysian singer and actress born on 6th December 1985 in Berrien Springs, Michigan, US. She became known when she contested in the Malaysian reality show contest Akademi Fantasia, Season 3, in which she won the fourth place.

In 2013, Marsha dubbed the voice of Elsa in the Malaysian dub of Disney’s Frozen and sang the title track Bebaskan (Malay version of “Let It Go”)

Marsha Milan Londoh Family

Her father is a Kadazan-dusun from Tamparuli, Sabah while her mother is American of primarily Scottish, German, Irish descent. Her family is a seventh day Adventist but in 2015 she embraced Islamic.

Marsha Milan Londoh Akademi Fantasia

Marsha was one of the competitors in Akademi Fantasia Season 3. During the Prelude concert, Marsha failed to perform as she was diagnosed with sore throat. Panel of jury was in consensus that her failure to participate in the concert engendered her to be automatically disqualified. Nevertheless, she was called back to perform again in AF3 first week concert, and she welcome sign in academy with Mawi through AF SERAP.

Marsha Milan Londoh

In 2017, Marsha joined the first reboot of Akademi Fantasia, dubbed AF Megastar. AF Megastar is a singing competition for Akademi Fantasia alumni. Despite not winning the competition, Marsha advanced to the grand finals and won a subsidiary award, Anugerah Terlajak Megastar with a prize money of RM 10,000.

Marsha Milan Londoh Conversion to Islam

Marsha Milan Londoh was born to a seventh day Adventist family but she converted to Islam in 2015. She confirmed that she had converted to Islam in December 2015 but she was keeping her original name. She said she did not want her conversion sensationalised as it was a personal matter.

Marsha Milan Londoh Husband

Marsha Milan Londoh got married to businessman Mohamed Shaiful Nizam Mohamed Ismail on 31st December 2015. Before they tied the knot they had known each other for 10 years. They began dating in 2013 and got engaged on 14th December 2015 in a simple ceremony at Marsha’s home state of Sabah, which was only attended by their family members.

“He won my heart with his caring personality and his respect towards my family. Besides that, he has always been there for me and support me in my career. Please pray that everything goes well during our
solemnisation ceremony tomorrow.”

Marsha Milan Londoh Wedding

Marsha Milan Londoh

Marsha Milan Londoh Songs

Year Title Notes
2005 Untuk Terakhir Kali
2007 Yang Mana
2008 Sayang Featuring Ajai.
2008 Kerna
2009 Bila Aku Cinta
2009 Yang Terbaik Released in compilation album Hitman by KRU Music.
2010 Ruang Kedua (featuring Julian Cely)
2010 Bersama Kita Soundtrack for TV series K.I.T.A
2010 Bila
2013 Bebaskan Malay version of Disney’s Frozen Soundtrack
2015 Ku Tinggalkan Cinta
2017 Hilang
2018 Sumandak Sabah Duet with Velvet Aduk.

Marsha Milan Londoh Films

Year Title Role Notes
2006 Misi 1511 Unknown
2008 Saus Kacang Mae Indonesian Production
2009 Senario The Movie episode 2: Beach Boys Zuraidah MIG Production
Magika Puteri Santubong KRU Production
4 Madu Zarra Lead role
2011 Cun Siti Senjakala Romantic Comedy
2012 Kahwin 5 Baby Bah unknown
2013 Frozen Elsa (voice) Malaysian version
2015 Jwanita Nona Osman Ali’s Film
2017 Pak Pong Suri Fauzi Nawawi’s film

Marsha Milan Londoh Telemovies

  • 2005: Rumah Terbuka AF3
  • 2005: Gitu-gitu Raya
  • 2008: Besan vs Madu
  • 2008: 5 saat
  • 2009: Beautiful Maria
  • 2009: Cinta Meriam Buluh
  • 2009: Marah-marah Sayang
  • 2009: Pun Pun
  • 2010: Takdir
  • 2010: Kum Kum
  • 2011: Ekspres Dania
  • 2011: Hantu susu
  • 2015: Pontimau
  • 2017: Terobek Raya

Marsha Milan Londoh Drama

  • 2006: Kirana
  • 2008: Mega Sekeping Hati
  • 2009: Korban 44
  • 2010: Hotel Mania
  • 2010: K.I.T.A
  • 2010: Dottie
  • 2010: Salon
  • 2010: Awan Dania 3
  • 2010: Seribu Kali Cinta
  • 2011: Asmara 2
  • 2011: Kum Kum the series
  • 2011: Dunia Kita
  • 2011: 24 hari sebelum mencari cinta
  • 2012: Bicara hati
  • 2012: Mihrab Cinta
  • 2012: Berita Hangit
  • 2013: Duri Di Hati
  • 2013: Benci VS Cinta
  • 2017: Oh My Pondok (sitcom)
  • 2017: 3 Dara Kg.Com

Marsha Milan Londoh Instagram