Manny Puig’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth & life story

  • Age: 65
  • Birth Place: Cuba
  • Full Name: Manny Puig
  • Nationality: American
  • Date of Birth: February 13, 1954
  • Occupation: wildlife entertainer, television personality, adventurer

Manny was born in Cuba but he soon immigrated to Florida with his mother. With Florida Keys very close to where he stayed, Manny was very soon keen about wildlife. He particularly loved spear fishing in the Keys. He used to frequently visit Everglades with just a shotgun and a frying pan. He drank water from the creeks and hunted deer. Puig is best known for his dealings with dangerous animals like black bears, American alligators and sharks. His direct approach and fearsome attitude is striking. Many would sneak up in front of the alligator under the water and grab its skin under the jaw as the alligator thrashes, tries to leap out and bite him.

Manny Puig’s wealth comes from filming his travels and adventures. He formed a company named Extreme Encounters with two other videographers. Manny’s wealth also comes from appearing on a number of television shows such as Wildboyz and Jackass. He appears frequently in these shows. Manny has also produced a film titled “Ultimate Predator” in 2007. It is on swimming with sharks. It didn’t go on to become a runaway success, but Puig still managed to make decent money. He has worked in different other movie sets too as an animal handler.

Manny Puig has been featured in “Savage Wild” show in the Outdoor Channel, and also in “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel.