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Net Worth: $5 Million

John Shope Net Worth: John Shope is an American motorcycle builder and reality television personality who has a net worth of $5 million. John Shope is best known for being part of the History Channel reality TV series Biker Battleground Phoenix. Rival Paul Yaffe found out that his competition was stealing ideas and seeing his designs and decided to issue a custom bike building challenge which turned into the show. John Shope is the self-proclaimed “King of Baggers”. Shope was an artist and sculptor before entering the custom motorcycle business in the 1980s. He started in the bagger business with Paul Yaffe until the two became rivals. Shope runs Dirty Bird Concepts out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He is best known for being featured on the History Channel reality television series Biker Battleground Phoenix. Shope built a multi-million dollar empire in just eight years. He was disqualified in the Bike Builder’s Throwdown but won the Sturgis Bike Building Contest. John’s wife Sarah is a Master Sergeant and Command Post Controller in the US Air Force. The couple has three children who all ride dirt bikes.