How do you start a pellet grill?

What is the prime button on pit boss?

The igniter stays hot for the first five minutes and then shuts itself off. Usually, it takes longer than this for the pellets to travel from the hopper to the firepot on the first use. Holding the Prime button prevents the auger from pausing, so the pellets arrive more quickly.

How do you light the smoker on pit boss?

Set Your Grill to Smoke and Open the Lid: Once you’re fueled up, open up the hood of your grill and set it to “smoke”. This is very important because the grill will feed pellets for 3 ½ to 4 minutes and then stops. This gives the igniter a chance to light before feeding more fuel.

How long does it take a pit boss pellet grill to heat up?

The Pit Boss grill lights up in a quick time. It takes about three minutes for things to heat up.

Where is the P setting on pit boss?

The ‘PSetting only works when you are using the Pit Boss on the smoke setting, when the grill is operating at the lowest temperature of about 180℉. As soon as you turn the temperature control to the ‘smoke setting‘ the default factory P setting is P4.

What is the best p setting for pit boss?

Pit Boss always recommends using your grill at the factory setting of P-4 before ever adjusting Psettings.